Freak For The Week VI: One Sexy Night in Kano


It was all my dad’s fault.

He stood next to me conversing with the other passengers, asking if they knew how to get to Gumel, Jigawa State. That was where I was posted to for my NYSC. When I looked for it on the map, I was shocked to find it on the border with Niger. Just my luck.

And my dad being the aka aradite that he was, he refused to pay for a plane ticket to Kano. He preferred me to use a commercial bus, infuriating me to no end.

One man he was talking to claimed to know how to get to Gumel. He was tall, very dark and had this roguish charm that I would have appreciated in other, less strenuous circumstances.

He told my dad he would be my guide on the journey while his predatory eyes roamed over my body. I was a big, fair girl who was dressed in a modest t-shirt and a pair of over washed sky-blue jeans.

However there was nothing modest about my breasts. They stood out like torpedoes and the thick, needle like nipples threatened to poke through the frail, white fabric. They always catch the attention of anyone within eyesight and they refuse to be suppressed, no matter how padded my bra is.

Even more annoying is my ass. It’s not like it was huge or I had wide hips. My bottom just had the tendency to jut out behind me like I was about to go into the doggy position.

So this guy talking to my dad, reassured him that he would keep me safe while he stared pointedly at my chest and bum. My dad, conscious of the amount he’d be saving, seemed oblivious to his scrutiny. I tried to avoid eye contact but his tiger-like eyes kept pulling me back. As my dad thanked him profusely, he smiled knowingly at me.

I blushed furiously. His smile told me like nothing else would that he was going to have me.

The bus set off and my ‘guide’ made sure we sat side by side. The journey from Warri to Kaduna was about ten hours. When we got there we had to take another bus to Kano and that was another three hour journey.

I can’t say we were idle for most of the trip, at least he wasn’t. As we made mild conversation, he kept an arm over my shoulder for most of the way with his hand resting on my breast. He wasn’t averse to gently squeezing it or playfully grazing my extended nipple with his fingers.

When darkness fell, he reached over to slip his other hand up my t-shirt. He deftly yanked down my bra and fondled my boobs. Instead of protesting, I moaned with pleasure. We were sitting at the back so no one could see us. It was all quite naughty. We were halfway to Kano and it was pitch black now. My guide said I had nice lips and reached forward to kiss me. I opened my mouth for his tongue to invade. I hoped the other passengers couldn’t hear the loud smacks coming from the back.

We reached Sabon Gari and he took me to a hotel, a rundown but clean affair. It didn’t matter because I was exhausted anyway. I wondered vaguely whether I would get any sleep at all tonight. The way my guide was casually groping my bum as he talked to the receptionist told me he had plans for me. Not that I would mind anyway. My panties were drenched.

While we waited for the porter to check the room he made me sit on his lap and unzipped the front of my jeans. He did some basic exploring with his fingers before the porter came back with the key. I burned with humiliation when the porter found me sitting on my guide’s lap with my jeans around my ankles but he didn’t bat an eyelid.

My guide led me to our room and we inspected it together to confirm it was clean and had running water. He suggested that I take a bath and he watched me strip off my sweat soaked clothes before I stepped into the shower. I noticed a huge tent growing in front of his trousers and pondered to myself how big he was down there. From the size of the tent it looked like I was in for a lot of stretching.

He joined me in the shower a few minutes later and I confirmed he really owned a big, black beast. He bent me over as we showered and his beast invaded me from behind. I would have fallen flat if he didn’t keep me up by holding on to my boobs.

I didn’t get much sleep that night as I had predicted. I think I must have passed out because when I opened my eyes I could see sunlight.

He was gone. Left a note tucked into my cleavage explaining why he had to leave so early and left directions to where I could get a straight bus to Gumel. Thanked me for a great time and left his cell number. I shrugged to myself and went to take a shower.

I never got his name.

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