Guys, protect your balls and watch out for women’s march!

Black woman walking

It’s the women’s march, but not as you know it, people. Listen, these ladies who swings their hand carelessly while walking are dangerous to walk behind!
Men, be very careful! Treat them like a motorist will treat a cyclist: STAY WELL BEHIND. That hand they are flinging about anyhow can break balls.

I repeat, stay well clear while walking behind them. If you need to pass them, use the same approach a motorist might give a cyclist – give them enough room. If, however, that would mean you have to walk on the main road, then pass on the other side which is more stable because of the handbag they are carrying with it.
But if that side is blocked too, then announce your intention loudly – “ESQUEEZE ME SISTA, I NEED TO PASS!”

Don’t risk your balls o! Do you know how much they sell prosthetic scrotums? Even if you manage to buy one, the cost of the surgery will kill you. This is my job so I know what I’m talking about.

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