Humour triumphs over terrorism as Twitter Muslims responds to ISIS leader’s call to arms


Is there anything more annoying than when you’re trying to be all serious and call for a jihad and multiple beheading and people can’t be bothered because they’re too busy watching Star Wars?

This is what happened to ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, over the Christmas break when he released this statement below:


Iyad El-Baghdadi is a Muslim who takes delight in trolling ISIS (he is a genius at it) and when he retweeted the terrorist leader’s post, the responses have been both hilarious and indicative of the world’s feelings about ISIS and their insistence on being destructive.

If I were the real al-Baghdadi, after reading these tweets, I would go home and tell my mummy that the boys were being mean to me again. Mind you, that probably how all this started in the first place.

1. There’s this one that is really offended by the design of the whole thing:

2. Tell them how you really feel, son!

3. What can I say? When you have stuff to do, you have stuff to do! 😆

Twitter funny responses to ISIS leader

4. Have you seen the flights fares? They’re absolute murder!

5. Coffee? Christmas? What are these fun things of which you speak??

6. Clearly:

7. And then there was this absolutely novel idea:

8. When you’re a part of the Netflix and chill generation, but some dude wants you to come fight a war:

9. Priorities, priorites…

10. And by the way, what sort of brute calls for a holy war right at the release of the GREATEST FILM EVEEEEEER???

11. This one is really important because I’m sure obedience is right up there in the Qur’an


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