mazi abe’s side: “Aso Rock budgets ₦1.7bn for food” – and so therefore??



So therefore nko ?

Look, I just woke up from another Guinness induced sleep, so I don’t have time for any ràdà ràdà political speech this morning.

So because Buhari has a stingo stature, he should not eat again ?

I know Aisha is not fully òròbò, but does she look like someone who will have garri and kuli-kuli for lunch ?

On a more serious note, are we forgetting all the foreign dignitaries, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Royalties, that will grace the dining tables of Aso Rock ?

Or are we going to serve David Cameron ogi and àkàra in the morning when he comes visiting, because Dasuki has done Father Christmas with our money ?

I am trying to imagine a member of the Chinese delegation eating pounded yam with ògbònò soup running down his chopsticks.

Or Obama tearing open a sachet of pure water with his teeth to make vote of thanks speech.

Because Nigeria is nearly broke ?


Running a State House Kitchen is an expensive business, so only the ignorant Wailer, with his Oyingbo market recipe will try to compare his cement paper shopping list with one that feeds the kings, queens and leaders of the world.


Mazi abe idris © 2015

*Nobody has been able to show any evidence from the Budget Proposals, that the figure is 1.7 billion Naira, hence the asterisks


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