Ijoba apapo ti pinu lati so ile Fela Anikulapo Kuti ni ipinle Ogun di ibudo ayewo fun awon ololufe re.


Gege bi atejade ti ijoba apapo se ti Ogbeni Lai Mohamed si so pelu ajosepo Gomina ipinle Ogun, won se afihan wipe ile ti ologbe Fela Anikulapo Kuti gbe dagba ni ipinle Ogun ni awon ti setan lati so di ibudo fun ibewo ati ayewo fun awon ololufe ologbe na. Won so wipe eyi ni yo tunbo mu idagbasoke ba eto idagbasoke awon nkan alumoni ati ohun mere-mere ti orilede Nigeria.

Atejade na ni yi ni ede geesi;

‘Heritage Museum and the move will help the government expand the creative industry in Ogun State.

Speaking to Newsmen, Mr Mohammed who praised the initiative said:  “It is laudable in the sense that this is one of the most positive steps to actually put our rhetorics into action.

“We have always said that one of the important assets we have is our cultural heritage, our history and this project, which is going to immortalise the Ransome-Kuti family, is laudable and admirable.

“The family, as you know, represents different things to different people, whether you talk about education, emancipation, music or entertainment.

“Therefore, this attempt by the government at immortalising the family by preserving and restoring the ancestral home is very commendable.

“The emphasis of this government, whether state or federal, is that the creative industry must be turned into creative economy and this centre is going to be a good model to encourage and inspire the youth.”

Also addressing journalists, Governor Amosun, said: “The creative industry should be turned to a creative economy – we are going have museums for all of them, it is not just the Kuti family alone.

“All our icons have a special place in our administration. These are the people who define us, when we go out there and say we are from Ogun State. We can’t call ourselves who we say we are without those giants who lived before us.

“They laid the foundation that we are all building upon and clearly, the Kuti family is one of those illustrious families that conquered the world, not only Ogun State or Abeokuta or Nigeria.

“Fela was far ahead of his time. For us, it will be in our interest to let people know his origin, his root,” the governor stated.

With the building already undergoing reconstruction, the governor also promised to deliver the project come 2018.


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