Invest in Yourself for Business Success


I have a coach. I have kept in touch with him since my copywriting days and he has evolved with me over the years.  I found myself drawn to him for so many reasons. The main ones are his work ethics, no nonsense approach to building a business and Christian values.  One of the things I learnt from him when I started out was that building a successful business is not going to be an easy task.  I kept that fact locked up in my subconscious mind so whenever I am frustrated or demotivated (especially when I felt I am not moving at the right pace), I remind myself of this fact and it always keeps me going.

I am Investing in Me!

Recently I bought some more coaching products and services from my coach because I want to build my business exponentially and I was tired of moving at snail pace.  I have been spending a lot of time listening, reading and imbibing the information I now have access to. I have to get through hours of audio training, huge amount of content, home work and make myself accountable during the coaching calls.

What am I going on about here?  To grow a business, we need to invest in ourselves as we invest in our businesses. When we make an investment to improve ourselves, we have a part to play in the process.  I could buy the program and just let it gather dust, but I don’t want to make small advancements in my business anymore, I want big steps.  I need to put more in to get more out.

Are You Investment Worthy? 

Now it begs the question, are most business owners willing to invest in themselves?  Are you thinking of starting a business? Do you need someone to help you tie up the loose ends.   If you have already started a business, you probably setup for a variety of reasons, but there is a common factor between most of us and that is to build something successful.  A successful business requires commitment, hard work and going way out of our comfort zone.  Does everyone like listening to audios? No. Do most business owners have other things they will love to do? Yes.  But investing in oneself has got to be done, right now, right here!

First Step – be true to yourself and ask yourself any/all of the following questions:

“Do I really want to start this business?

“Do I want this business to grow?”

“Can I commit to the work required to build a business?”

“Am I better off being employed?”

If you are convinced that this is the right way for you, get some help and stop going round in circles. Do not convince yourself that you can do it alone, I tried that and I failed so I had to change my mindset fast and get help.  The help I had access to changed my mindset and the way I see myself. Did I have to pay for it, Oh Yes!!! You know freebies breed little or no commitment, right?

When you purchase a program, a coaching session or even a book you have to read to get your mindset in the right place – use it!!!   Use it to start or grow the business you will love and enjoy.  There is nothing like creating your own concept and watch it flourish before your very eyes.

Whatever you have to do, please do it and build something worthwhile!

I wish you business blessings.

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