Little pre-schooler ain’t here for the nonsense!

Felix Rust Photography Rebecca Negron Ceci Negron Must link:
Felix Rust Photography Rebecca Negron Ceci Negron Must link:

Sometimes, you’re just having one of those days and you’re not in the mood for any smeh-smeh or iranu. Perhaps the day started with heavy traffic, or maybe it could just be that you haven’t had your coffee yet. There are some days that nonsense just seems to be everywhere and this cute preschooler seemed to be having one of those days.

When you’re an adult, you put your best foot forward, put on a brave smile and get on with it. You attend boring staff meetings, you lie to your boss that their hair looks great, and you graciously lie that you couldn’t find childcare to avoid the family party you can’t be bothered with.

When you’re a preschooler though, you dispense with all the shenanigans and wear your annoyance on your face. Like a boss!

Little cutie, Ceci Negron was posing for her yearbook picture when a member of staff told her to smile. As she did, someone else giggled.


Felix Rust Photography Rebecca Negron Ceci Negron Must link:

‘Ceci is a very sweet and sassy girl who is not afraid to express herself,’ said Ceci’s mum. “She is quite articulate and has no problem letting anyone know if they have somehow offended her.” Hian, she ain’t lying!

Ceci told her mum she didn’t want her to buy a copy of the yearbook, but her mum bought one anyway. She quickly found out why her toddler was reluctant!

Listen, can we please have an annual “Be Like Ceci” day where we can all wear our heartfelt expressions on our face without having to deal with the consequences? Cos that would be just awesome, thank you!


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