You can’t marry champagne if you date beer: you are not Patience Ozokwor!


I was on a long road trip two days ago because of afiashon foo-el palava. I won’t tell you all the stress and wahala we went through on the journey because the gist long and e no consyn dis post, but I want to share something for you ladies from it that should help your heads.

When we got to the Ekpoma Branch of the travel company, a staff member came on board and spoke to us. He said their policy is to ask the passengers at a specific point of each journey if their driver was behaving right.

He asked if he drove above their speed limit of 100, was careful on the road and if our journey was comfortable. Most people answered. I didn’t. My waist was doing me jigijigi with pain to answer.

There’s a reason I hate long road trips. Several, in fact. I can make a thesis out of it.

Anyway the gist was OK till a lady who had had issues and complained incessantly of the bus and driver when in truth the road was bad, now said he was driving well. I went; “ehn?” Well ke? No be you talk say e dey do jagajaga for road? Now that they’re asking you, your answer is he is doing well? How come? Madam, why you always lyiiiiing?”

To make matters worse, she then said that the bus has no TV. At this point I had to look back at her. I needed to be sure this madam was kidding. She wasn’t. As a “good company Rep” the guy kept saying “we are very sorry for the inconvenience” but what inconvenience was there in not having a TV in a small hiace bus that had an AC on full blast all through the journey, made good time and even though it had some issues along the way, would have been a good trip? What was this woman going on about?

Madam Facebook user abeg ehn, don’t go and give oga headache over nothing. Sometimes we are all funny and unreasonable. It’s a human thing. I guess what makes the difference is the choice to get things right, having been shown that we are getting drunk on the kool aid.

Some ladies will date and/or marry a man they know has so and so as a salary. They know oh! It’s not a secret. They know his benefits and what he can afford on their life journey together, at least for that moment but the woman will go to Bella Naija and become a demon from hell.

The man will have no rest or peace till he either empties his account and borrows to give a wedding fit for kings or he ends their relationship and is forever labelled a wicked and stingy man. If he emptied his account and enters debt, they call him lazy and wicked, saying he wants to punish them with hunger and suffering. Chai!

Some other ladies will spend their time trying to make their man into a version of their ex. Whether he was good or bad doesn’t matter. They sha don’t want to let him go. I don’t understand such people at all. That’s why those relationships/marriages eventually scatter if they don’t stop.

You see this is not some message about not majoring in the minor. Money and character are not minor things. Only a child would think that, and this issue is not limited to them both. I’m just making examples with them.

The point here is you knew what kind of bus you were entering and the journeys time, direction and destination. Which one is Oya television to watch film no dey? If na dhat kain bus wey you want, why you no enter am?

Woman stop forming alpha and omega plus omni – create for this man. Encourage him to do and be better (without putting him down in the process and not because you want him to be like someone else just to please you) but stop making it seem like he has done you wrong when you know for a fact that no one forced you or lied to get you in that place. Na you take ya two leg enta. Why is he now paying for that choice?

Is your name Patience Ozokwor?


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