Men stop enabling hungry women


I used to blame girls who order like gluttons when they go on dates with men.

They order takeaway for themselves and for their friends, and leave the men to pay the bills.

Now, I don’t blame them anymore.

I blame the guys/men who pay. You men/guys enable such bad behavior.

Why can’t you just dump them?

What is so attractive about a badly behaved girl who orders like an idiot and piles up bills for you?

If I were a man, I would let you order, start eating and I’ll dump you there.

I’m not a man but I’ve had similar experiences.

I wrote the full details of this story over a year ago on Facebook but I’ll summarize again here:

During my NYSC camp days, some guys got to know I was a foreign trained graduate, so they assumed I had money to spend on just anyone.

One started hitting on me.

Long story short, I agreed to go to Mami market with him. We went to the most expensive restaurant in mami market, where they sold barbecued chicken and point-&-kill catfish.

I was willing to pay for him if he had ordered like someone with a working brain.

But the idiot ordered two plates of point-&-kill, and some rice. He sent a text to his friends to come and meet him there. Three or so of them came and ordered. They each ordered their plates of fish, drinks, and they also ordered a whole chicken to be barbecued to order.

I was watching them.

I ordered my catfish and bottle of malt. Ate, and asked for the bill. The waiter came up with about N7k plus.

Now, even as at 2013 when I did my NYSC, N7k was just change to me. But I detest people who like to use others. I can’t stand people who take chances when given just a chance. I hate it when someone thinks I’m a fool whose head he can use. So, no, the N7k was no big deal for me. The attitude and greed was what I had a VERY SERIOUS problem with.

I asked the waiter to separate the bill. I paid about N950 for myself, and walked out on them.

I got back and gisted my bunkmate who went to the restaurant (with two other roommates) to check them out and finish the gist for the whole room.

I heard that they called the camp army on them, and they promised to pay when they get their camp allowee. They were that broke. Their details were collected.

I was VERY happy I taught the poverty-stricken stricken greedy idiots some lessons.

So, yes, I’m not a man. But (probably because of my carriage) quite a lot of people assume I have money to throw around. And when I give them a little chance, a few of them have attempted to go idiotic on me. For every single time, I’m proud to say I taught them a lesson.

If more Nigerian men would treat those greedy girls the way I did these guys, less girls will take the risks of pulling off that shitty behavior.

If I come to Nigeria tomorrow, I’ll still offer to take some people out. If you like, order like a moron. I will dump you there and make a post about you on Facebook.

I’m not proving my bank account to you. I’ve got nothing to prove to anyone.

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