Money Matters: Always have a plan B. And maybe even a plan C.

Crossing out Plan A and writing Plan B on a blackboard.

When it comes to business, you’re gonna need to have a Plan B. Come to that, sometimes, even your Plan B needs a Plan B.

In making a success of your business, you might need a laptop AND a tablet.

You may need to have your preferred IT guy working on your site, and then manage some other guy who is perhaps more expensive or less skilled but will get the job done when your guy isn’t available.

Oh, and you will need to have more than one supplier. You may even need to have multiple suppliers for one product. Wholesaler A is out of vanilla for those bespoke wedding cakes? Go to Wholesaler B.

Your flyer designer might be your nephew who does it free for you because he’s learning graphic design at the university. But be prepared to pay a professional the day he is ill or your needs outstretch his skill.

You can’t just rely on your personal assistant or business partner. You must be abreast of your daily schedule, goals and plans. What happens when your business partner is unavailable?  What do you do if your phone crashes and all your reminders vanish? How do you run a business wheel if one pivotal spoke malfunctions?

It’s a pain in the neck to find even ONE business solution, never mind two or three. I know this only too well. But there is always a need to have a plan B. Your business should not stop just because a personnel member is unavailable.

Even if that personnel member is you.

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