Please note the following


Please note the following:

1. I am male. I’m not going to take the time to prove it.

2. As a result of being male, it means I’m not a 40 – year – old, virgin, frustrated, single woman who nobody wants to marry. If anything I can boast I am an awesome, sexy, godly, intelligent catch for any lady. What you believe is your business and invalid 

3. That I am male doesn’t mean I engage in some form of male solidarity where I praise guys for wrong things they do. If something is wrong, then I’ll say it is wrong. If you decide I’m female and a hag for stating it, you need therapy.

4. A (real) man is not interested in dominating women or hurting them because he has a penis, a beard and a deep voice. In fact he’s not interested in any form of it for any reason. So, if you’re on my posts, getting upset and accusing me of hating on men for stating this obvious truth, it means you’re the same or hoping to do so.

5. A (real) man understands the place of nurturing and protecting women, such that even when he is not dating someone he is very concerned about her well being. That means;

a. He will not try to exploit her emotions for any reason
b. He is not going to spend his life time trying to bed her or go around chasing multiple women to sleep with. He has self control, wants his own woman and will seek her out
c. If any woman throws herself at him, he will turn her away. It is boys who can shave who will never say no to free sex. Men don’t do that.
d. He will not belittle her or insult her for speaking her mind nor will he think or say that she is less without a husband and/or children.

6. If you get angry and attack males for speaking out on behalf of women and helping them, then say men also need help, you come off as petty, childish and ignorant.

Saying they are women pretending to be men is just as ridiculous. Some of us men are just that mature and well brought up. Try growing up. It helps.

That someone does such a thing doesn’t mean they are against men or don’t care about them. This isn’t an either or situation, so stop implying that men are either for men and leave women alone or vice versa. That’s how kids think.

7. Stop concerning yourself with how many females like, share or comment on a post by a man about them. It isn’t your business and it also shouldn’t concern you if they like him.

If you were more sociable, respectful and truthful, perhaps they’d also see you as someone worth relating with, because bros relating with people is a choice. Grow up and then maybe, just maybe they’ll like you too.

8. Even if they don’t like you, since you can’t please everyone, if your words and actions are OK you shouldn’t bother about what others are thinking about it. Be true to yourself and people who value this quality in you will flock to you. You attract what you give out.

9. Men don’t need women to bow to them to feel good and manly. That’s a sad way to live. They already have self worth and focus for their lives. If you’re here seeking that then you have a serious problem you need to address.

10. Mature people don’t go around looking for silly battles of the sexes. They understand that each sex has their flaws and good sides. They aren’t looking to go around declaring that men are superior or women are. There are more important things to do in life, like talking about the other room.

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