Oh, dang! UK is most corrupt country in the world – mafia expert Roberto Saviano

David_Cameron_UK Corrupt

Hahahahaha! UK is the most corrupt country in the world! Oga David Cameron, e finish abi e no finish? Where you were busy brown nosing so hard that you nearly lost your nose up Her Majesty the Queen’s bum, talmbout “Nigeria and Afghanistan are fantastically corrupt,” you conveniently forgot your own heinous corruption and that of your own nation. UK, pure as the driven snow, right? Wrong.

Roberto Saviano, a journalist who spent more than a decade working with the Italian mafia has stated that the UK is without exception the most corrupt country in the world.

roberto saviano
Roberto Saviano, journalist, expert on mafia dealings and corruption

Mr Saviano, who wrote the best-selling exposés Gomorrah and ZeroZeroZero, made the comments at the Hay Literary Festival. The 36-year-old has been living under police protection since publishing revelations about members of the Camorra, a powerful Neapolitan branch of the mafia, in 2006.

He told an audience at Hay-on-Wye: “If I asked you what is the most corrupt place on Earth you might tell me well it’s Afghanistan, maybe Greece, Nigeria, the South of Italy and I will tell you it’s the UK.

I’m still pissed off that he mentioned our country in that sentence, but I love the context therein – dispelling old myths.

Saviano went on to say “It’s not the bureaucracy, it’s not the police, it’s not the politics but what is corrupt is the financial capital. 90 per cent of the owners of capital in London have their headquarters offshore.

“Jersey and the Caymans are the access gates to criminal capital in Europe and the UK is the country that allows it. That is why it is important why it is so crucial for me to be here today and to talk to you because I want to tell you , this is about you, this is about your life, this is about your government.”

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  1. If David Cameron had any insight to the complexity of the Nigerian, he would not have made that comment. In the Nigerian you understand the full import of “bami na omo mi, ko denu olomo”

  2. We are a sickenly corrupt nation. If Britain is also corrupt, the difference is that you will face the music there. The law there is no respecter of persons. In Nigeria you will bag numerous titles from the proceed of corruption. That is the difference.

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