David Cameron caught on camera (again) being an idiot


I dislike David Cameron for many reasons. He’s out of touch with the common folk, his cut after cut on public spending has left the country worse off, and there is STILL no proof that he took that pig out for dinner before allegedly doing wicked, wicked things with her.

Other than my healthy contempt of the man though, I just kind of ignore him like a scabby elbow: unpleasant to look at and sometimes irritating, but typically forgettable.

Today though, he really took the biscuit. Speaking in front of the archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, the House of Commons speaker, John Bercow, and the cabinet minister Chris Grayling, Cameron said: “We had a very successful cabinet meeting this morning. We talked about our anti-corruption summit. We’ve got … some leaders of some fantastically corrupt countries coming to Britain.”

It gives me some comfort that the queen did not rise to the bait and the Archbishop of Canterbury looks positively aghast as he himself has worked extensively in Nigeria and defends the current president, but Cameron’s gaffe is inexcusable.

Look, are we as pure as the driven snow? Of course not. Does he have a point? Perhaps he does. But his saying it is inextremely poor form and using it as some sort of means of gaining brownie points from the Queen just show him up to be an overeager pup wagging its tail for a snack from its owner.

Before readers come for me citing my support for Buhari when he made a similar comment, I’ll say this: “Ba mi na omo mi, ko de n’nu olomo.” This is a Yoruba proverb that means “The parent does not really mean it when he says ‘Help me punish my child'”

I can punish my child, but don’t come near my baby. Nigeria is a mess, but by Jove, it’s OUR mess and we will thank sanctimonious pig-shagging toffs to mind their business and deal with their own nation, not least things like why their names are showing up in Panama Papers and just how much money have they got stashed in secret offshore accounts?

The absolutely shameless gall of this man! I hope Buhari responds in a pithy and withering comment to this assault on our national pride.

Shut up, Cameron.

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  • Perhaps not Ify, but he needs to stay in his lane. This ain’t his circus and it sure as hell ain’t his monkeys.

    And someone NOTORIOUS for squirrelling money away in borderline illegal accounts needs to stop bleating about corruption.

    He has no moral high ground and he has no say in this matter.

  • Whilst I agree with most or all of the comments, I’m wondering why are we attacking the man so, really!

    GMB said as much or much worse about us outside the country on repeat dial. IMO, that is worse than anything Rodney, sorry Dave said or can ever say!!

  • PMB has said much worse about his own people to outsiders (international community) That will definitely cause more harm than anything Cameron could say. The enemy must always have an ally in the home to succeed in causing harm.

  • Why some people dey wan tear dross for David Cameron yawa? So it’s ok for Nigerians to rant on social media about how useless their country be but nobody else fit talk……. Abegi!!!

  • Beware of a statesman with a loose tongue, the arrogance of the man…. In his construction of the statement he murdered grammar sef.

    Which country no corrupt sef? As a statesman that statement lacked tact and diplomacy.., hissef sabi say with any confidence that Britain has not benefitted from these ‘fantastically’ corrupt nation. – mmttcheweee .

  • The British government can call us whatever they like, especially when they are subsidising the wage bill for our useless, greedy, corrupt, useless government officials – the “highest paid in the world”, I might add – to the tune of a measly £250m!!

    If it is paining Naija to hear the truth from outsiders, we have two choices – stop grovelling for their money, or bring our house in order. After all, who pays the piper …!!

  • Corruption is the MAIN problem of Nigeria if you ask me though I also believe we learned it from the Brits. If Nigerian resources were actually deployed for Nigeria, I believe many people would consider moving back to Nigeria. We must accept the blame and work to eliminate it completely from the country, painting over it won’t help in that regard.

  • He wasn’t caught out, the guy knew what he was doing…. Shifting the focus from Europe to corruption. No one knew about the anti-corruption summit before now. The guy is just 😑😑😑😑

  • Which is more painful? Telling foreigners that ur country is corrupt or the foreigners repeating what u said? You can’t expect otherwise when you choose to wash ur dirty linen outside.

  • You know what, Charles? I’ve read a lot of comments about this since it broke and this is the most valid argument defending it yet (as usual)!

    You’re right, it is a private statement and while it seems very apropos of nothing (Queen kukuma didn’t ask him question before e start to recite like cassette), he is certainly entitled to his personal views and feelings on issues.

    I think it just grates for me personally, the simpering, ass-kissing, patronising way he said it. It smacks of “Love me! Love me!!” – and just further confirms why I never could stand the man. This is what I see in that clip:

  • @ Uche and Rachel, na waoh for una, rewind to a few months when Buhari himself said Nigerians are criminals, to a British newspaper, you both defended him that he was right, Rachel you even gave examples of how your ex colleague a Nigerian at Barclay’s defrauded the bank. My position at the time was Buhari should stop embarrassing us. Fast forward to now PM says Nigeria is fantastically corrupt and you both are offended, na waoh. The problems with Nigeria is hypocrisy not corruption.

    • That’s not true at all. I still defend Buhari’s right to say what he did. Would I say it? Maybe not. The same way I will defend a black man’s right to use the word “Nigga” even though I myself may not ever use it.

      But oyinbo no fit call me nigga and Cameron no fit chook mouth inside wetin no consine am.

      And speaking on hypocrisy, in this case, that would be the same as if a mixed race person called a black man nigga. Cameron is as corrupt as they come. No be from e mouth we suppose hear say tisha die at all at all.

      So if I beat my pickin say e tiff, mean say everybody suppose join hand beat am? Come touch am na, mek I dey look you.

    • Yeah, we fit talk about ourselves any how but Cameron no fit. Make e go siddon abeg. 😃

      Same way you can talk about your family/family member, then somebody will join and start talking smack about your family as well, you’ll be like, Oi! 😂

    • I rest my case!! If this is how people with so much exposure can think. Have you ever heard Obama or Cameron criticise their people in public? Buhari that collected bullet proof SUV from Dasukis’s arms money, is the same one fighting Dasuki for corruption, Fulani herdmen are killing people and Buhari has not openly condemned it, how much is petrol today? The subsidy they Occupied Nigeria for is the same one they want to remove now the price has gone up, meanwhile crude oil prices are crashing. This Government wants to explore oil in Lake Chad, a 30 years futile effort. All elections since the one that brought this government in has been inconclusive, how much is dollar to Naira today? 321! But if you are close to the presidency you get it for 197, but we are fighting corruption. I am many things, but I’m not a hypocrite.

  • Nigerians major wahala has been Britain and America. Any government that can avoid then, will take nigeria to greater hights. Look at Abacha left them, through out his reign, dollar was pegged at 22naira per dollar. They are out to kill us.

  • Nigerians shd correct and change dir corrupt attitude Davide said that becos that is what Nigerian are known for, are we the only country in d world, we shd stop covering what is not covered

  • Viva naija, sharap n shot down this ur blog or wahever, david cameron said nothing but the absolute truth, there are things that can’t be left in the shadows forever
    David Cameron, where ever u are, i say a big, WELL DONE

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