Some people cannot make heaven: company puts out job ad for light skinned girls only


I always laugh when I hear men criticising women who are out here looking for bleaching cream. When these men say things like “Black is beautiful!” or “Why would any woman do that to herself?”

Like a woman sits at home one day, a bit bored with nothing better to do and says “I know! I’ll bleach instead of watching Big Bang Theory!”

Bleaching is a simple case of supply and demand. You hear all the tripe men spew about #TeamDarkSkin but there’s a melanin-free bride up at the altar every Saturday. They’re the higher paid actresses/entertainers, they’re the ones in the jeeps, they’re the ones Alhaji carries home from Quilox on the Saturday night. It takes an immense amount of self-esteem/obtuseness to not see what you need to do.

Nobody would bleach if they didn’t feel they have to. The days of Tura and Shirley are long gone. Bleaching cream don cost and these ladies are ouchea doing CLEAN jobs. Some are even taking pills to de-melanin-ate from the inside out.

Why do women bleach?

And why all the kerfuffle? Because this fuckery is a real tweet:

You will just know this dude is all kinds of misogynistic wrong. What is a female? As in…like a dog? A female rat? I believe the term you’re looking for is ‘lady’ or ‘woman’, but then again, I guess common sense and respect isn’t part of the job description for his line of work.

The Dragging. Oh, the sweet, sweet dragging!

Luckily, there is still a lot of sense, a great movement of intelligence within that nation that still sees the problem with someone requesting for a certain shade of black from an African nation. And in Lekki – Yoruba land as well, not even in the East where you’re more likely to bump into lighter skinned ladies:

And the winner is….

Of course, the ‘male’ in question is deflecting, talmbout he’s not the one who specified, it’s not his job; it’s his client’s specifications. But how about you turn down work that denigrates your sisters, your cousins, your mother? Because from his profile picture, his mum was no oyinbo.

We need to do better so we can be better.

Also, we need to remember to not be a dick. Cos nobody likes a dick.

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  • Nigerians “are black” but have never been “proud”. All attempts through out history to imbibe “proud” has failed! Took the British to end them selling themselves for “cowries”! ( they even refused!! I mean who does that!). They have assiduously refused to reckon with that, and acknowledge their part in it!

    Then came FESTAC! Another “forced” enterprise at “pride”. Have u heard about it since?? No, there is no “pride” here! I don’t even think the “culture” knows what the word means! Low “self esteem” is always exhibited in self hatred and self “abuse”.

  • They are telling God that ,they don’t want the way he created them. To do that, they don,t have rest of mind. They spend money, they are exposed to cancer and skin problems. May God touch their hearts to stop bleaching. It is not good. They even look older than their age.

  • But wait now! Are u suggesting if “Nigerian women” suddenly prefer “bald men”, then I would begin immediately to shave my head?? Listen, this “quaff” to me a lifetime to master! If u suddenly prefer “bald”, then I can only say “…go find the nearest bridge and jump off it!..”.
    If women bleach, it’s mostly about “self esteem”! But who can blame them for that mindset when the “culture”, “the men” spend a lot of energy mentally abusing these same women!

  • Bleaching is for ppl of low self esteem. Being a presenter in that particular tv station is not the only job on earth. We have dark-skinned presenter in many reputable tv stations in Nigeria. There is no excuse for bleaching.

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