Sherri Shepherd’s Ex-Husband Wants Increase On $4100 Child Support Payments: Gender Equality or Piss-Take

sherri-shepherds-ex-reveals-the-shocking-way-she-rejected-their-baby - Image by Guillermo Proano-WENN
Image: Guillermo Proano/WENN

Following a messy, public divorce a short while ago, Lamar Sally ex-husband is back asking for yet more money. Earlier, he’s been granted $4100/month as child support payment for a child he had via surrogacy with former The View host. Now, Lamar Sally claims it is not enough.

This claim has nothing to do with the needs of the child, however, but based on the fact that he believes Ms Shepherd’s income has increased from $1 million a year when he originally filed, to a new figure of $3m/year.

In order to not seem a complete and utter skeez, he has claimed that the child has a health condition that requires costly treatments. Treatments which $4k/month can’t fix, apparently.

Let us look at the facts, shall we?

  • The child was conceived via surrogacy using Sally’s sperm and the donor’s egg. The child is not biologically related to Sherri Shepherd in any way, although she has been named the legal mother.
  • Sherri has never met this child, although that is her choice. She can, and probably should.
  • Lamar has made some money by filming a reality TV-show about being a single dad. The show might as well have been called “Let Us Bash Sherri Shepherd”
  • He does NOTHING but drag her name through the mud. Seriously. I Googled him and he has no job, no income except salacious column inches where he has called Sherri every name in the book.
Lamar Sally and his meal ticket son LJ, Lamar Junior.


The Piss Take

Already, I hear all the men frothing at the mouth with cries of “But women have been doing this for ages and you all stood behind them!”

I can hear war chants  “What is good for the goose is also good for the gigolo!”

And y’all ain’t never lied. There has been case after case of opportunistic gold diggers. Women who wish to be ‘kept to the standard to which they are accustomed’ long after the marriage is over. They picked you from the backyard of Agege, you travelled first class a couple times; now nobody can have any peace.

Every time he changes to a higher paying football team, you file another lawsuit. When your pocket is looking a little thin for that extra boob job, you do another reality TV show. You tell the world how you stood by him while he was on the road/location/at work. And you think that entitles you to more money.

The funny thing is that classless, grasping greed is not respecter of income or status. Mariah Carey has been steadily fooling her old age. Her ex-fiance James Packer called off the wedding (and not a minute too soon, I might add!) and she has been acting like trailer trash since then. She wants $50 million for the separation. Mariah o. Not some broke woman. The Queen Diva herself. Wanting a man to pay up for a relationship gone south.

The Gender Equality

Look, Ms Shepherd should DEFINITELY pay upkeep for that child. I would expect nothing less from a man who got divorced halfway through a pregnancy. For better or for worse, that child is here.

I also think she is doing herself and the child a disservice by not being part of that child’s life. Anger at the man you made the child with is not the child’s fault. And he looks like a glorious baby. Although, that said, I am not sure that I could bond with a child that does not have my DNA and is the root cause of so much ill-will. But again…a visit, perhaps?

But Lamar Sally is a mess. He needs to get his life and while he’s at it, get a job. He’s a father now and cannot use an ex-wife as a meal ticket. Silly sausage.

Yes, gender equality means men are as allowed to be idiots as women are. But that doesn’t make it right.

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