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Thursday, May 26, 2022
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The Insecurities That Make You A Prisoner

A little while back, I got struck and stuck with a gripping and eye-opening thought during a conversation with a friend about the underlying...

The Weight of Self-acknowledgement and Understanding

I have been quite emotional these days, and that is why it was so easy for my eyes to well with tears while watching...

Be a friend indeed

Be a friend indeed Please check up on your friends. The ones that are depressed and withdrawn. Don't send them angry texts complaining about how they've...

Find the Gain in the Pain

Find the gain in the pain For many years, I had a phobia for swimming. I could barely wade my feet in a pool without...

To the hilt, To the bone

I will spend myself to see you smile To see you laugh as you walk the mile To see you believe once more To live the dreams...

Show a little love and kindness

I went to boarding secondary school. And just like most boarding students, there was this need to look out for each other, most especially...

That awesome when the Nigerian Church gets it right and brings...

After the church-bashing I did yesterday, I thought it fair to bring a positive story to balance the views about The Church. I'm not a...