Teebillz threatens suicide; Nigerians are not too bothered


Teebillz – businessman, manager and husband to Tiwa Savage – has been putting up some very dark and disturbing posts and images on his Instagram account all morning.

Of course, the English and grammar errors on the posts made me think perhaps this was a hack job – and indeed the posts have just 2 minutes ago disappeared from his page – but they all seemed to allude to being driven to the wall by his #IfIStartToTalk singer wife and her family, her mother in particular.







In the midst of all of the noise, there was a lot of scandal being thrown, accusations of Tiwa sleeping with this, that and the other, and deep-seated family issues with resentment aimed both at his father and her side of the family.

Teebillz did, however, allude to feelings of despondence, using images from suicide sites and saying goodbye to his children and the world in general in several posts.

This concerns us here at Viva Naija the most. There is a man at his wits’ end (for the sake of argument. I fully expect the ‘hacked’ excuse to start flying) and the way the Nigerian audience responds is the EXACT reason why we keep our weaknesses to ourselves and mental illness flourishes.

These are just a few of the ‘sympathetic’ responses the man’s cry got:


Every line in this post is horrific.


And because nothing is sacred and we feel we can meme the heck out of anything:


If a man has funds at his disposal, exposure and access to medical care abroad, and still gets treated this way when he is drowning, what happens to Iya Taibat? And Mama Paulinus? And Papa Emeka?

We need to change. People are hurting and hurting badly.

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  • The english na normal naija way…how many people write well . As for the story i am not even commenting because depression is real and dark and to be a house husband for a naija its not easy
    . I am very sure it was not hack but coming from a place of offloading. I hope he gets help and get to a place of peace

    • My peeps, everyone goes through a low point at some stage or the other….no one is immune! We all hope that somewhere out there, someone cares enough to reach out during the difficult times. I don’t know this guy, his wife, and family but I sure hope that he finds some peace and able to work through this problem….even If It is for the sake of the kids.

    • Gladys God bless you a million times! When you and I go through low times, shebi it’s to sit in our homes and wait out the storm? Imagine doing it in the public eye? Na wa.

    • Psychiatric illnesses may not be garbed in one diagnosis. A clinically depressed person is not the same as one who feels sad. The difference is like sneezing due to sudden dust and sneezing due to a cold. A person who feels sad may fix it with choclates or a shopping spree. A clinically depressed person will be sad even while/after receiving a Grammy. It is a chemical issue not an emotional issue. Hence, a sad person may rationalize posting on the world wide web but a clinically depressed person may be misguided to think letting it out on the world wide web will make him feel better because he is so deep into it, nothing that will fix sadness is fixing him. Meanwhile, if depression is mixed with period of elation/excitement, the patient may post while elated and withdraw while depressed. Bottom line, quick fixes like music, chocs or vacation cannot fix him. The chemical imbalance has to be made right with meds. I am sorry to say that prayers need to go with meds at this point. It is as critically as praying for an amputated leg to grow back. Yes. It is that serious.

  • If its really Teebillz posting (who posted) those things about Tiwa Savage & threatening suicide, I am afraid he may be clinically depressed. “Clinical Depression” is an illness like malaria. It can be treated with medications and psychotherapy. It is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Unfortunately, patients attack the persons closest to them when they have this illness. The attacks may be verbal, emotional or physical. It is real. Its unfortunate that it is not common knowledge. A lot of eccentric people we interact with and meet day to day need psychiatric attention. However, “psychiatry” is regarded with a lot of stigma globally so the people that need it won’t go for treatment and their families won’t accept that they are ill, altogether worsening the patient’s condition. Inbox me if you want to know more. Thank you.

    • the stigma is even magnified on a continent like africa and in a country like nigeria were people are superstitious or fanatically religious will say its juju or witches or wizards blah blah blah instead of seek medical/psychiatric help.

  • On a good day I’m indifferent to these celebs and their kwakwa but teebillz posts make me feel sad because they are sad, desperate n lonely. Pls nobody should throw that hacked account nonsense… I hope his friends reach out to him quickly and help him find the support n help he needs because these posts are the posts of a desperate man crying out for help. #depressionisreal

  • Its hard for an african man to deal with depression i can imagine, first of all people around you like other african men might say why are you depressed when you arent an Oyibo man or something of that sort. Or tell you to “Be A Man ” etc. Not to talk of our propensity to be overreligious and superstitious and say its Juju/jazz or witches and wizards from our village that are causing it rather than dealing with it in the appropriate way and seeking professional medical/psychiatric help, OR Simply our Social Support in the form of family and friends to reassure us etc. Depression is tough on african men o ! We arent socialised early in our formative years to deal with it or understand it, especially if we did not grow up overseas were it is dealt with and understood appropriately.

  • Shey he want to die because somebody chop him wife before before abi? Ejoor was she Maria Wundia when he first met her? If his baby mama did not kill herself when he dumped her for Tiwa, kosi big deal for dia, let him deal with it like Omo okunrin….

    • Me I no believe all this story ojare, though suicide is a serious matter. If for some reason all this stories ends up being false nko. People address suicide matter once it happens to a celebrity, but most times they are the ones creating jagajaga situations for themselves. I remember all the stories that came out before his wedding to Tiwa, same way he dished his baby mama too on social media. I seriously hope all this suicide stories ain’t true… And if so, he needs help asap.

    • Na here we dey o, sis. Why e announce give everybody before e jump? Why e be say jump witness give exclusive interview to LIB? If someone was trying to jump, someone would have shouted “Ara adugbo, e gba mi o!!!! There would have been tonnes of witnesses and even pictures would have surfaced by now. I hate Nigeria and Nigerians sometimes.

  • The showbiz life….Not an interesting one if you should ask me. Way too many problems. If not depression, it’s suicide or drugs or gangs or occultism or homosexuality or… name it, dem get’am plenti.
    Much better to stay out of the media and unnecessary publicity. Live in peace with your small family and thank God for whatever he blesses you with.

  • Babes,from d look of things,u can have as many typographical errors in ur text when u r not in d right state of mind,perhaps angry.however,i doubt if his account was hacked cus info contained in d post r a bit solid for just an hacker coupled with some of his friends posts on d issue…for a while now their marriage has bn rumoured to b on d rocks but hey its celebdom so they maybe pulling some jayzyonce on us which i doubt pretty much…whatever d case is,i hope he gets d help he desperately needs,cus mental state issues r less addressed in naija and alot of ppl often as ignore it cus we believe we r strong mentally and can withstand anything life throws at us,d problem is,ppl get to d lowest points of their lives and d unimaginable can happen,even d strongest get hurts and wounded…so if its true,dude needs help n fast

    • Bae he may be a bit depress wch is normal but he should talk to a therapist rather than distroying what he claim he built himself , but men should know it takes a whole lot of courage to deal with a wife not to talk of a super sexy diva it takes more than courage abeg

    • Linda,u r talking like that cus u r on d other side of d fence…when shit happens u dont think clearly cus u r filled with anger and so much hate fills ur thot,look if infact he was d one that brot her that far,can u imagine how angry he wud be knowing d things he supposedly knew!! Think about it,if d reverse was d case i go don use jazz for d guy b4 my head correct 😂😂😂😂 or kill am for sleep..so my dear,dude must av bn really hurt and proly at d lowest point of his life…i feel sorry for him if infact d story is true..its sad

    • Bae how can you expect tiwa savage the super diva the bae otedola want to discuss business deal with my dear the guy suppose just take his fate , I truly feel him but why would he write his account was hacked immediately , we should learn to accept we have a problem before we actually get help
      Abeg oyinbo no dey my head now cos ……dolar don rise

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