Today’s church! Tesco Offers job to Desperate Dad who shoplifted to feed his family

Tesco store manager
Tesco store manager Radzuan Ma’asan

Tesco store Malaysia
This Tesco shop manager exists to show us that humanity is still possible in a world rife with hatred, violence and vexed spirits. A father-of-three was caught shoplifting food from the shop, but instead of calling the police, he was stunned when the shop manager offered him a job instead.

The 31-year-old, name withheld, was stopped by security at the store in Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia, who discovered around £5 worth of food on him.

Tesco store manager
Tesco store manager Radzuan Ma’asan

Rather than call the police though, store manager Radzuan Ma’asan decided to give the man some money and a job so that he could feed his children without having to resort to stealing. The kind hearted manager says:

“The man’s situation really touched our hearts. We visited his relative’s house. It was so empty and poor.

“He was not a regular thief. When we questioned him, he immediately confessed, saying that he stole the fruits and drinks because his son was hungry.

“In my 23 years of experience in the retail line, I had never come across thieves who admitted to their crime so easily.”

The man had was struggling to make ends meet after quitting his job when his wife fell into a coma while she was giving birth.

He had attempted to take some fruit and drink for his young children before being stopped by security.

Tesco has yet to decide what type of job to offer the man, but have already given him money to help cover his current expenses – including enrolling his son into school.

Do what you can. When you can. For as long as you can.

This is the end of today’s sermon. I hope it blessed ya!

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