Of what use is the Nigerian National Assembly to us? Don’t we have greater issues than a uniform??


Of what benefit is NASS to Nigeria exactly? What does the Nigerian National Assembly do?

They spend weeks fighting over a uniform, instead of concentrating upon the customs policy that could adversely impact millions of Nigerians.

Customs boss Hameed Ali went to the National Assembly without wearing the complete Customs Uniform as directed by the Senate where he would appear before the Senators at the Chambers soon.

They have not called in the Minister of Labour to explain what his department is doing about unemployment, particularly youth unemployment.

The National Assembly has not set up committees that could invite in experts to discuss agriculture, exports, manufacturing, information technology etc etc.

All they do is gobble up huge sums of money monthly; with each Senator costing the taxpayer over N30Million monthly.

There are important bills which they are ignoring and not debating: anti corruption bills, the PIB bill etc etc

Are NASS meant to be there as a body providing irrelevant distractions? Or are they meant to actually do the job their constituents employed them to do?

When will we the people, call them to order?

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  1. These national assembly members are pretenders as they have nothing to offer us – they can only do us any good if they can reduce or cut their huge salaries and allowances to share with the people the present economic woes they aie experiencing.

  2. They are right by insisting the man appears in uniform. Even if they are not doing anything, the man must appear in uniform bcs the parastatal he works in is a uniformed one. He would like to enforce this and that, bann everything but will not like to wear uniform.

  • My Brother we serious issues here whats the uniform for? It sounds even unreasonable, thats to say they just want to humiliate him which is niether here or there, i feel disapointed the way people reason in our country, with lots of silly sentiment

  • He should wear it.. This is the way we keep supporting idiots to become leaders. Anyone that can’t respect constituted authority is that one a leader. People around the world keep laughing at our stupid leaders. You collect custom salary, fly on their private jet, use their resources, get paid from their money but you hate their uniform. This buhari administration is a disgrace. These old men should all bury their heads in shame. They have failed their generation. This same mans daughter is my colleague and she is not even proud of her fathers behaviour. Ali is mad

  • The truth is that every one in the society claims to know and anyone that has contrary view doesn’t know. To my own opinion the national Assembly members are doing what they’re supposed to do by asking the retired colonel cum custom comptroller to wear his uniform. There are senior officers in the Nigerian customs that are supposed to take over from the former but the revise is the case. The man was not trained as a custom officer so does not know the antics and anything about custom job, all he knows is military and he wores military uniform when serving the military. Now is he feeling too big or too small to put on the respected custom uniform? Or does he want to show Nigerians that after all we owns Nigeria so why must they tell me to wear uniform. Lets call a spade a spade and shovel a shovel……#justwanttomakesense#

  • If your not parts and paticiple of uniform organization, you cant know their destination. proper dressing code is most sensitive issue more than ur expectations. customs boss should be suspended for improper dressing, apearing b4 national assembly, “discipline is the bed rock of the force”

  • Some people have just demonstrated how crass they can be when it comes public affairs. The Nigerian Custom as an agency of Govt. was established under an Act. This very same Act mandated every Officer including the CG to wear uniforms. As for the Legislators, they are carrying out their Constitutional responsibility.

  • All the noise we re making nigeria senate has the rite to tell the president da he should nt do abover the law becoz pple elect him so who is conle Ali da the senate can as the president to sack him da is above nigeria law let us quiet bcoz non of the senate is going true fbook page to see the massive of nigerians comment on the page so let they do wat they lik to nigeria law becoz we re the cause if nt buhari could hv the rite to come to da seat to bring rtierd office from a differnt zone to head big post lik da wit out put on uniform for wat nd which place in the world has da tine happen if nt Zoocal country lik nigeria da is been head by fool da is my opinion

  • My friend here lost her life preventing the spread of ebola. RIP madam. Yes what is the use of national assembly that perfect the spread of corruption. Sorry prevent, or is it establish. I beg im still mourning my friend.

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