Viva Naija Radio discussed “The Side Chick” on the Talking Drum and it was AWESOME SAUCE!


See ehn, I don tay for this amebo matter. Nothing I like reach amebo and aproko. And I WILL judge. All this “Judgement is for God” business…I did not get that memo AT. ALL. I have opinions on pastors with private jets, opinions on married women, opinions on single women. Ask me about side aristo, I go talk. Still ask me about side chick, I get word for mouth.

So, for me, setting up a blog was a natural progression. Why be doing like radio that does not have “off button” upandan if you cannot make money from it? The matter may not end up in Banana Island beht…Grape is still very okay too.

Blog did not belleful me…on to more vocal judgements I went. Radio was the next realistic stop. I am not sure I am ready for my face on TV every week just yet. The Talking Drum and Aproko Hour were born and they have been DELIGHTFUL!

The Talking Drum

This is the two-hour show where we judge every and every. Divorce, step parenting, masturbation? Nothing is off limits and we bring the truth. The Nigerian society can be soooo hypocritical so we just talk about the realities of our lives without adding scriptures in any way.

This happens every Wednesday, 9-11pm GMT on Blog Talk Radio.

Aproko Hour

Finally, a programme that brings me into my element – both in name and content! We take the trending topics from the week – the good, the bad and the downright ugly and we talk abourrit! Who we never judge? We don judge efritin and efriborri! And we’ve loved every single minute of it!

This happens every Friday, 7-8pm GMT on Blog Talk Radio.

The Side Chick on the Talking Drum

Yesterday was an amazing day on The Talking Drum. The panellists and I decided that we absolutely needed to talk about The Other Woman. We were fully expecting fire and brimstone; wives coming out to rain curses on women who will not keep their legs closed. Omo, this is NOT what happened!

First of all, there was no scripture of any religious book quoted. Secondly, the judgements were valid, mature, measured and fair. Oh, and we also discussed all the community penises and side dudes too o, just in case you people think it is only women who are involved in the shenanigans!

Don’t just take our word for it though – listen to the full show here:


Or you can stream it live here:







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