Buying locally made goods makes sense if the customer service is world standard


The recent argument has been about the low patronage of our locally made products and I’ve heard people saying they don’t patronise our local businesses because of the poor quality of goods.

This bed was made locally in Aba, Eastern Nigeria.

I, however, think we need to help their businesses with patronage first and expect them to improve the quality over time.

If you don’t buy the locally made goods, where would the manufacturers get the funds needed to invest more and improve the quality???? Its a no-brainer!

What I think we should criticise them for is the poor customer service. The majority of these entrepreneurs and attendants are so arrogant, they don’t even treat you as if you are the one supplying the funds they live on everyday.

Have you ever been to a filling station to see the way they scream at customers as if you are hurting them? It’s annoying.

My cousin sent me some money to buy her a laptop in Ibadan last week, so I went to Okay Everything and met a Chinese guy who attended to me. He treated me so well even before I told him what I came for.

At last, I saw the laptop I liked but the money my cousin sent wasn’t enough. I had to add my money just to buy the laptop, because I would feel guilty leaving the place without buying what I came for, because of the way I was treated; the hospitality.

After I delivered her laptop, I told her to please inform me if she has anybody who wants to buy next time. I would love to patronise those guys any time the chance opens up. 

Sometimes people prefer to buy at higher prices just because of the treatment they get.

Most times, the difference between your success and failure in business is the way you treat your customers.

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