That terrible moment when a 5 year old has more chick game than you


You’re trying to go about your business. Trying to be strong, trying to convince yourself that you have not made a total mess of your life. That maybe you can get that promotion, buy that house, marry that hot chick. And then a 5 year old comes along to show you that actually, your life is pants and he has bigger worries than you.

Watch this young stud lament a problem that very few men have: he firmly believes that it is not right to have three girlfriends.

He thinks it would be toooo stressful. But then he already has 2 pretty girlfriends. So what to do? Give one up? Which one? Who? How? What a palaver!

In fact, he’s just finding the entire situation stressful and untenable. So much so that he wishes he were four years old again! LOL

Watch the video here:

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