Yes, #IStandWithNigeria, but those who should heal Nigeria are abroad


Today the streets of Lagos was filled with those who have not had a chance to leave this hell-hole. We were all doing #IStandWithNigeria, but I bet if tickets were handed out at Ojuelegba we would have a deserted city by now. The state and health of our President remains a mystery; and we know he is a key player in the cry for a “visit to the Physician”. Nigerians know that Nigeria is sick, we desire that the system comes to a halt even if just for a second. Just give us a chance make we breathe small; mek we take find solution to this katakata! O ti su wa! We are tired!

Somewhere in New Jersey Dr. Songonuga is living the dream, in his words:

“I left Nigeria because I wanted to earn more money, learn new things and to practise in a better environment,” he said.

When your people are here dying like fowl, you are there looking for greener pasture? Why Trump never deport all these people sef?

A report on the New Times dailies gives a peep into the horrible living conditions African countries like ours have to offer. Medical doctors, engineers, builders, leaders. All those who could bring some repair to this nation have found one reason or the other to run to the abroad.

Is it not the case that we are merely crying on the streets to empty space? Person just dey carry solidarity placard for nothing when those at the helms of affairs are the same old politicians oniranu that put this nation in the state it is. These people have proven time and again that they lack the technical know-how to resolving this crisis we call a nation.

Even if the “leaders” come to their senses and choose to live with posterity in view; maybe choose to cut down on their excesses; where are the skills we need to build our country? We must understand that the evil lies within us also; we have made this nation unbearable for ourselves. The local Police have become terror to the people, the government workers have become evil task masters. As cabal dey chop, civilian dey chop too.

We should not make these protests just about the political cabals. If we do, they will always find a way to bring us to divisive struggles. We would always be tempted to mount separate camps which would be coloured with political undertones. Even the best intentions would be discredited on the premise of “opposition” party. We already have too many of us planning Jand! We already have too many who are just looking for a buy-out or a way out. This is the time we should focus on being better citizens, for the sake of the greater good, we should face down any citizen who chooses to make life unbearable for others.

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