5 signs that your village airforce is doing you


Ah there are some days when you wake up and everything is just perfect. When the sun is shining brighter than a Julia Roberts smile, events are going smoothly and the radio is playing “Lovely day” on repeat but all the while, you are unaware that your village people have opened your dusty file and are looking at you like:

Ghen Ghen!!


Suddenly strange unfortunate events start happening and things (strange things) start occurring at a per second basis. Is this you? Well we are Viva Naija and here are 5 signs that your Village Airforce is doing you


Hay God!


Back to the unemployed line!!!!!




Your own don finish my brother…sigh


It eez not your day!

So that’s our list did we miss any out? What are other signs that the village Airforce is on the matter? Tell us about it in the comments below. As always we are Viva Naija and we wish you well

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