Ah crap. Iran will soon buss bottle; Buhari is silent; Shi’ites are dead; it’s all gone to hell

Bloodstained and wounded El-Zakzaky with Nigerian Army

Nigeria – whenever we look at things and determine we don’t have enough to worry about, we like to turn the drama up a notch. No Boko Haram bombs in a while? How boring! I know, let’s kill a whole bunch of Muslims from the other side and see how that works!

And so the Nigerian Army, that is understaffed, under-trained, under-equipped and, above all, exhausted, took it upon themselves to kill a whole bunch of Shi’ite Muslims last week because they were causing an obstruction on the route where the Chief of Army Staff was passing through.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I see a bunch of people who have the full support of the country of Iran, I would rather see the Army adopt a more…”Jump am pass” approach; a more “I take God beg una” point of view.

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani has also condemned the killings

And if the aforementioned Muslim sect are running riot, surely the next step is not to invade their place of worship and homes, killing men, women and children in a retaliatory move? So…according to the Nigerian Army, common road block is now equal to a massacre? But you can’t find Shekau and stop his decimation of our nation? Odiegwu.

See our problem now. According to Elombah:

over 200 Iranian lawmakers have condemned the “brutal” killing of Shia Muslims in Nigeria by the African country’s military, calling for the formation of an ad hoc committee to investigate the matter.

In a statement, 214 members of Iran’s parliament (Majlis) said the “brutal killing of the oppressed Shias” in Nigeria has “hurt the feelings of hundreds of millions of Muslims and freedom-seeking people” across the world.

“Such a crime is undoubtedly the continuation of the deviant stream’s massacre of Muslims by the ignorant Takfiri Salafi sect that has been committing such crimes for some time in Africa and other parts of the world,” the statement read.

It added that the US and the Israeli regime are covertly supporting the crimes in Nigeria.

The Iranian lawmakers said setting fire to the house of a prominent Shia cleric and the killing of his family members along with hundreds of other Shia Muslims indicated “the lack of foresight” on the part of the Nigerian government in running the country’s affairs.

India Nigeria Shiite Raids
Muslims students carry placards and shout slogans against the Nigerian government against the killings of hundreds of Shiite Muslims and detaining their leader Ibraheem Zakzaky in Nigeria, in Jammu, India, Tuesday, Dec. 1 5, 2015.  (AP Photo/Channi Anand)
Students in Iran protest the Shiite killings in Zaria

You see it? You see our problem now?

And to top it all off, this sudden and violent clash has brought silence from our president, a retired general and the leader of an unstable country. The nation is understandably tense – no word on whether we are about to have the mother of all battles on our hands, no word on what message this sends to the Boko Haram folk who are principally Sunni, and no word on El-Zakzaky or the sect’s next action – and President Buhari has not so much as acknowledged the incident. The news of the killings is on BBC. Obama has put mouth. Rouhani is DIS.PLEASED, and social media has lost its entire mind over the matter.

All of which is secondary to the fact that we are greeted daily with graphic photos of dead brethren lying in heaps, bleeding and lifeless. Our brothers, our husbands, our fathers, our income providers, our comforters, the preservers of our ways and the lions of our tribes. Dead.

This is not the BBC, we will not give you a political and unbiased view of the news. There are news outlets that do that and good luck to them. We are the humans who walk on the streets without bullet proof vests, who do not understand the real politics behind the incessant killings, nor do we care. We are the people just trying to get home after a long day at work or a trip to the market saying to the people behind the atrocities to just stop.


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