Ukrainian PM gets crotch-handled in parliament. Now that’s how you fight for your country!


Now, let me say that violence – however hilarious – is never the answer.

But then I think that the only time I have ever seen our politicians actually lose their minds is when they think that there will be an action that will impact them lining their own pockets. That time, you will see them jumping fence and tearing cloth.

“You want to reduce clothing awareness ke?” BISH BASH BOSH!

“You say I cannot enter The Assembly? Are you trying to take something past behind me?” JUMP! BISH! KABOOM!

The Ukrainian Prime Minister was fannying about on the podium, but a member of the house of parliament who wasn’t feeling his lies was like “Nah. If you’re gonna lie, you may as well leave, mate!”

And then bundled out by his blokos. Charming stuff! 😆  😆  😆  😆


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