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Hi Onifome,

I am 27 years old, in a relationship with a 29 year old lady for about five years now. She’s got love for me & she’s done her best to ensure she settles down with me. My fear is that ”she doesn’t enjoy sex at all” she only sees sex as her obligation. I’ve being commended by my exes, married & unmarried for being very good in bed. For her own, reverse is the case. If I abandon her now, would I be known as a deceiver?

Thank you!

Dear 27 old sex expert,
The fact that you are good with others doesn’t mean you are good with your girl. Have you tried to find out what she likes? Do you know?
Your attitude of “I’m good” may even be part of the reason why she is not enjoying sex with you. It may well be YOUR sex that she is not enjoying.
So dear, when next you are having sex with your woman ask her to show you what she likes. Ask her to say yes when you are getting it and no when you are not. You will be surprised at the improvement you will see.
P.S. the best position for a woman to orgasm in is the woman on top position. Let her get on top. She may well direct you where you need to be!


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