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Damilola is a co-author of Life's Chrysalis and has authored e-books on self-development and creative writing. His writing has appeared on The Naked Convos, Africa on the Blog, Tuck Magazine and several other platforms. He also won the Biopage essay contest in 2018. He is the founder of cfwriterz, an African literary community. He is a writer and freelance content developer. Damilola is an AFRES Scholar at the University of Pretoria Real Estate program. He is also an occasional instrumentalist on the saxophone.
Black man stressed at work

Coping Mechanisms for Under 30s in Harsh Economic Conditions like Nigeria

A lot of young people under the age of thirty are experiencing depression and most of them are probably hungry - literally and emotionally - and working hard to rise. They need coping mechanisms...

Trevor Noah on being African and Duality of Identity

What does it mean to be African? Trevor Noah on the Daily Show has schooled the whole of France (heck, the world!) on what it means to be African. https://www.facebook.com/kenyamusica1/videos/10156715822419052/ A few days before this video...
Protest March by Nigerians In South Africa against the Plateau Killings -2

20th July: Protest March by Nigerians in South Africa against Plateau Killings

Friday, 20th of July, 2018 witnessed a gathering of Nigerians living in South Africa. Natives of Plateau state and other citizens marched in protest against the killings in Nigeria, particularly the recent bloodshed in...
Trending Topics - Funke Adejumo, Ekiti Fayose and the Osun State Elections

Thinking About Trending Topics: Funke Adejumo, Ekiti Fayose and the Osun State Elections

These three trending topics have bothering the heck out of me: Osun Elections. Ekiti pushed out a loudmouthed Governor. Falana and his idea that RCCG churches are business centres. In retrospect, I think Fayose either...
Study in South Africa

You Just Might Need This! Simple Tips for Postgraduate Study in South Africa

I have had to write this post about studying in South Africa. How did I find myself here at the University of Pretoria? A lot of my friends have been asking me questions hoping...
Racism ruins lives AFP

Travelling through Africa: Stereotypes and the Hate Culture

I consider it an ordeal to travel in Africa. My parents travelled a lot when I was younger and I have always wanted to travel too. The way they talked about living in Northern...
Macron meets Buhari - Credit AP

Buhari Can Learn from Ghana’s Akufo-Addo when it comes to Macron, French Foreign Aid...

A lot of us who study and work can be grateful that we don't have to fund studies from individuals and charity. Most humans hold beggars in contempt so even when we seek resources,...
Verbal abuse

Verbal Abuse vs. Domestic Violence: Many Think These Are the Same.

We do a lot by comparing physical violence to verbal abuse, when they are not even the same. Abuse is anything that hurts you, either mentally, physically or emotionally, and is usually carried out by...
Communication Problems in Relationships

3 Common Communication Habits that Kill Relationships

One of the greatest relationship killers is lack of communication. If you are in a relationship where one party is unable to or afraid to say their mind, just know that you might be...
IGP Nigeria -Transmission

IGP and EFCC Chairman Viral Videos: Lessons on 2019 and the Leadership Nigeria Deserves

I once served in a government ministry. The head of my department then suddenly got appointed after a month of me serving temporarily as the only member of the Planning, Research and Statistics department. The...