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Firstlady Ibiene Williams

Firstlady Ibiene Williams is a realist and deep thinker. She prefers to use her own true life experiences, mostly the mess she's been in and dealt with to make a message. She's passionate about happy and successful relationships. Regarding religion, she's very open minded and abhors all forms of fanaticism, extremism and prejudice. She's a firm believer of One God Above Us All. "Firsty" as she's fondly called by friends stands for Reality, Equity and Justice. She's a very happy woman and full of life! www.firstladyibiene.com

Invest in yourself: a degree is not everything

We have previously discussed setting our priorities straight as young adults, but perhaps we should approach something else, something we all know but usually neglect: the need to invest in yourself. After school, I started a little...

Ladies, enjoy your single life!

The single life is a beautiful phase of life, a time when you make the most of choices and decision-making with little or no hindrance. It is a time where self-discovery is employed and harnessed. You are answerable...

He who finds a wife

He who finds a wife finds a good thing. This is a Bible passage that a lot of  Christians love quoting when praying for spouse. Proverbs 18:22 has been trending on the lips of so many...

Your Relationship and Decision-Making

After four kids, Mercy went for tubal occlusion, a rather permanent means of avoiding conception. This she did without conferring with her husband, George. It was a thought she came up with just because she...

The power of the wedding ring

Wait. It will happen. While waiting, give yourself all the treats and love you can afford. When your spouse comes, they will accept the person you are, complement you and walk with you to all lengths of happiness and fulfillment.

Have you got your priorities straight?

One of the problems the average young person or young adult has is misplaced priorities. We are more bothered about things that don’t really matter or have good standing in our future than we...

Matters of the heart (Part II)

School is back in session, ladies and gentlemen, and today's lesson is on matters of the heart and successful relationships, so gather round! Let’s start by correcting this error so we can have successful relationships. There’s...

Matters of the heart (Part I)

This post is birthed by a discussion I had with my sister last night.  A lot of thoughts flooded my mind and I felt to share. Here it is: sometimes in our relationships,  when our...

Will you marry me? When the answer is NO

I was watching this Nollywood film,  I actually came into a friend's place to meet the movie and settled down to it as it was this part that interests me: The Marriage Proposal  This young man...