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Nkechi Bianze

Nkechi Bianze is the name. I love reading and writing, but I still haven’t come around to being comfortable with the “writer” tag, maybe because that puts some level of needless pressure on me. I’m highly analytical. I love love and I love life. I’m passionate about advocating for the rights of children, the elderly and women. I am a feminist who advocates and believes in the need for a gender equal planet.

It is okay not to like feminism but do not pass ignorance of it...

It is okay if you don’t like feminism, you don’t have to call yourself a feminist. The truth is, very few people care. You won’t be doing anyone a favour or disfavour, whichever be...

Show a little love and kindness

Love and Kindness I went to boarding secondary school. And just like most boarding students, there was this need to look out for each other, most especially your roommates, classmates and close friends. I consider myself...

Changing mindsets one person at a time

Yesterday, I called a Facebook friend. He's got a 12-year old. In the middle of our conversation, his girl requested to speak with me. During our girly chat, I asked her what she wanted to...

Stop killing the zeal of the girl child

Some years ago, I was with a group of friends, all girls. This well meaning woman came into our midst, and in an attempt to reign “blessings” on us, she said “I see wives...

Stop being busybodies and let people live their lives

Busybodies I’ve got a senior friend who got married in her early 20s, after her bachelors degree, and went ahead to have a child the following year. Months after she had her baby, she went on...

Ladies you are not an item to be bought and returned!

Personal independence I'm a Nigerian woman. I stopped living in my parents' home at about the age of 20. I've been financially independent since 2013, I was in my mid 20s at the time. I work my ass...

Thoughts on submission in marriage

Dear Nigerian men, Being a head in the context in which the Bible puts it means TO SERVE. Being a head has much more to do with SERVING than it has to do with being a...

Humans are equal as humans

There's this elderly man that worked temporarily as a driver for my mum. I met him when I went home in 2013. We got into a conversation one day, one talk led to the other,...

Marriage scares the hell out of me

The thought of marriage scares the hell out of me. This is worse because of the fact that I'm a compulsive loner. The thought of having another person invade my space for the rest of...

Poverty is not a virtue

Each time I say "I will NOT marry a poor man", there are always these sets of people who either come at me with their sermons, or attack me straight up. And quite a lot...