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Wanja? You don't know Wanja?? Where have you been hiding? Under a rock? This Kenyan brain spits everyday living and lifestyle truth and and wisdom through the veneer of humour, wit and sarcasm. You will be drawn in from the very first word, so strap on your seat belts and enjoy the ride!

My black as soot butt

My black butt I still don't know if having buttocks that are dark(er than the rest of my body) is an inherited curse from my forefathers. Bottom so dark you'd think Satan lives there. As...

How to answer the “When are you having kids?” question

Sarcastic reply “So, when are you guys having kids? We are still waiting, haha.” “We thought you’d never ask! Everyone shoots that question like a greeting these days, haha. We’re very sorry for keeping you waiting....

Tales from my plot: How to deal with acts of theft

Dealing with theft The rate of crime in my plot is always floating at an all-time high (someone once stole the communal tap), with the theft of pegs, dusters, and brooms the most reported crimes....

The many trials of sharing a bed

Sharing a bed I like having the entire bed to myself, sharing it with someone is hellish. You stir uncomfortably and realise it’s because their legs have crossed over to your side and their feet...

Stop Victim blaming!

“But if you didn’t want him to force himself on you, what were you doing in that house? Did you have to go to that party?” “Hmm, intelligent question. I hadn’t looked at it through...

The night I wreaked holy vengeance on a “rat”

Funny story I was awake in bed plotting evil and wickedness when I saw something dark on the floor. In the semi-darkness, and from the shape and form of the thing, it looked like a...

The sweet tongue of the bus conductor

Amusing observations ‘Tis the season for – for those who don’t own cars – hurrying to the bus station with your entire family firmly fastened to your back while the luggage is securely balancing on...

That time the urge to poop hit me hard

Funny story In the middle of an errand, I feel an urge to have a bowel movement. I ignore it, but, it’s later followed by a moderately painful cramp and some discomfort, which cease after...

That time a baby stared at me throughout the church service

An amusing story In church, during service, the person seated in front of you is a woman with her baby. The baby decides to stand on the mother's laps and stare at you, making strong,...

So much hypocrisy, much wow

Such Hypocrisy There's a photo going round, that of a woman holding a placard saying she's looking for a (white) husband, and has three children. Apparently, as I've seen, many men are feeling awfully disturbed...