Bright Kokoma: Mafia and Maleficence in Ivbiotor Community, Edo State


When the vision for Viva Naija was first formed, it was never meant to get involved in micro politics. It was to give the Nigerians living abroad the broad strokes of happenings back home while celebrating everything good about Nigeria. Did we want to talk about trailers overturning in Oworonshoki? Tragic, but no. Will it be a platform for the Flying Spaghetti Monster to indicate his interest in contesting for Ijebu Remo Local Government Area? Scintillating, but no. Buhari and/or the shenanigans of any of the thirty six governors, yes. The virtues of Nigerian jollof over the travesty that is Ghanaian basmati jollof, then YES! Random, sporadic and spontaneous praise for Olamide, Phyno or Humblesmith? This is the EXACT reason why we have a dedicated server!

But then it occurred to me: micro politics births national politics. The leaders who steal billions from the public purse don’t just pop up out of the blue that way. They are the local government chairmen who terrorise market women. They are the heads of the ’omo wobes’ who then go on to become union presidents. And they all have one thing in common: power and money.

It would seem that Bright Kokoma is no different. Forcibly attaining the role of Chairman of Ivbiotor community in Ikpoba/Okha LGA after his father’s demise twelve years ago, it doesn’t seem as though he has done anything to move the community forward.

kokoma-3 (Bright Kokoma: Mafia and Maleficence in Ivbiotor Community, Edo State)

I can’t find a single photograph anywhere of this man, neither can I find any record of his manifesto or covenant with his community. But this shouldn’t matter; surely the worth of a leader should be in his people’s words concerning him?

If this be the case, then Bright Kokoma’s leadership leaves a lot to be desired. His latest governing skill allegedly involves extorting money from poor market women and traders in the name of rent. The land owners sublet to these traders who in turn pay their rent to the land owners, but Bright Kokoma is not satisfied with this. The chairman allegedly wants a piece of every pie in the community and sends his thugs to minister justice to anyone who does not cough up the N12,000 he has mandated from every trader. Justice is usually in the form of vandalising their shops or causing bodily harm to them.

kokoma-1 (Bright Kokoma: Mafia and Maleficence in Ivbiotor Community, Edo State)

So complete is his belief in his power and authority that he does not bother to deny these allegations but merely perpetuates this violence and terrorism, it is alleged.

Indeed, Paulinus Okpere, who brought the adventures of Bright Kokoma to Viva Naija, has since been beaten and wounded by this man’s thugs for daring to speak out against his actions.

What can we do from here? Organise a coup? Launch a LGA Chairman campaign? And then what? No, all we can do is use our platform as a voice. And so, here is our voice.

Bright Kokoma, chairman of Ivbiotor Community in Ikpoba/Okha LGA of Edo State ward six has been accused by the indigenes of that community of terrorising and extorting monies from them. Those unable to pay his illegal fees are allegedly having their shops destroyed, their livelihoods and well-being threatened, and now live in fear.

kokoma-2 (Bright Kokoma: Mafia and Maleficence in Ivbiotor Community, Edo State)

We have inserted all the evidence and proof that we have corroborating these stories (see here) We will always apologise if we are wrong, but will always be the voice of the oppressed if we are correct. For shame, Mr Kokoma. For shame!

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