Cholesterol content? Please, eggs are NOT the bad guys!


I grew up learning to perceive eggs with a sense of dread, like many people of my generation. The gist around the neighbourhood was that eggs had one mysterious chemical called cholesterol. We heard it was really awful if eaten in small quantities.

The next door neighbours did not believe any of it. I watched with envy as the kids from across the wall fed fat on boiled, fried, roasted, and baked. All manner of eggs!

They tended to pollute the air quite often, you see, and sometimes I found myself indulging after eating an especially awesome meal of boiled beans. Of course, we used to let the beans burn a little in order to create a delicacy which we called “akukuru ite”.

For over 40 years, scientists acting on “credible” suspicion a.k.a “evidence” blacklisted eggs and helped keep them off the shelves. They had discovered that cholesterol played a huge role in the development of some heart diseases, and testing the yolks of innocent chicken eggs gave them all the proof they needed to perpetrate one of the greatest injustices of the 20th century.

Scientific progress, however, has helped investigators to unravel the truth about cholesterol. In fact, it is plausible that conniving makers of sugary foods and drinks engineered the big conspiracy against egg cholesterol. Today, we have become painfully aware that sugar is far deadlier than fat can ever be. Indeed, the cholesterol in eggs has nothing to do with cardiovascular (heart) diseases.

So here’s deal: eat as much eggs as you like (beware of flatulence!) and stay away from processed carbohydrates and animal fat.

And don’t thank me. We are good. ?

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