Choose someone that loves and values you


Choose love and value

You see the very beautiful and resourceful wives of some of these men who abuse and belittle them then add adultery on top and you start wondering if the man is normal.
At such times I am tempted to declare it has to be some evil spirit because by the time you see the classless, directionless, ill mannered girl they hooked up with who can’t even hold a candle to the wife on any level you just conclude that village witches are strong.

Just handled another case recently and I was just left with a slack jaw. This woman is drop dead gorgeous and making good money, or she was until the man destroyed her business, chased away her clients and even accused some of wanting to or already sleeping with her. Even women were suspected. Apparently he married a bisexual woman. Meanwhile he’s slept with multiple women and doesn’t even bother to hide it at all. He even rubs it in her face.

Abeg, you people should shine your eyes. All this I love him, I lover her that you’re doing, na so madness and poverty dey come for some people. Just look well and know the one you’re picking to avoid becoming the next blog post for people like Lindarious Nkemjika.

That’s why I keep telling people that sex, beauty and all those externals can excite and attract but it won’t keep a man. Have a good character and be stunning please, but pick a good man who loves you, respects you and wants to stay. 
The same goes for you guys choosing ladies to marry. If a person doesn’t love and value you, and doesn’t want to stay, even a mad person on the road will attract them!

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