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Monday, October 18, 2021
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Dear God give me daughters with sense

At 18, I was having sleepless nights over important things like whether to study Diagnostic Radiography, Mechanical Engineering, or Aeronautical Engineering. I was also...

Parents please stop sexualizing your children

Protect your children I sat in church behind a lady and her three very beautiful daughters. There was a man at the end of her...

Equality begins at home

My Dad always sounds it in my ears "Nkechi, you must be tough. Being girlish and being ladylike is not an excuse for weakness". This...

Sarcastic Ladi and his Michelle Obama tweet is proof of Nigeria’s...

So there's this person called Ladi. He runs the twitter handle:  @LadiSpeaks and, with 94.2K followers, is what is known as a Twitter Influencer. Companies...

Unwanted/Unplanned Pregnancies: What Next?

One of my mum’s cousins got pregnant at 16. She told her parents that she didn’t want an abortion, but didn’t want to marry...

What I will teach my daughters

I want to have daughters- biological and adopted. I want to watch them grow and instruct them myself. I want to tell them the truth....