Family gatherings, food and corruption


These large family gatherings that mostly happen in the village are full of corruption when it comes to food.

It’s morning and you go to the kitchen for some tea. The tea is usually just a small drop of milk and 5 grams of sugar stirred in 300 litres of water. In the kitchen, you see an empty cup with traces of sugar and the remnants of what looks like ‘thick’ tea. Someone had good tea? With sugar? Who was it? Have they been arrested and questioned? Are they in remand awaiting trial?

You painfully finish drinking the atrocious tea and you go to put your cup in that big sufuria full of dirty dishes behind the kitchen. There, you find an empty bread wrapper on the ground. Enh?! There was bread? You ask a random uncle, who has breadcrumbs in their beard. He tells you that 20 loaves of bread were bought for breakfast, but they have all been eaten. Tsa! Who was the thief in charge of the distribution of the bread? Are they under investigation? Because where is my share?

Then the women start cooking lunch at 7AM, but the food will be ready at 5PM because they are cooking stones. When food is finally served, you look at the meat ‘stew’ in your plate and see only 2 small pieces of meat and one potato swimming in a pool of brown, under-salted water. Yet, these people slaughtered two giant goats. Where is the meat? A whole farm of potatoes was harvested to make this stew. Where are all those potatoes? You look at the plate of the person beside you. They have the top layer soup and a mountain of meat and potatoes. And this person was served after you. Is there a dangerous food cartel in this clan? Do I have to know a cousin who knows an aunt who knows another aunt who is one of the cooks, for me to be served the amount of food I deserve? Is the chief aware of this?

Then when they bring the sodas and you rush to take one, you only find Krest. Everyone else is holding Fanta or Coke or Stoney. They left a warm bottle of bitter lemon for you in the crate.

And when you’re about to go back home and you’re looking for your misplaced charger, you find two hotpots of meat and potato stew, two loaves of bread, a Fanta blackcurrant, and a kilo of sugar hidden in the kitchen. And no one knows who hid them there.

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