Forget Fitfam, are we back in the orobo era?!


Wait oh country people, e be like say the Orobo era is back oh.

You know say all these Lepashandi fitfam thing na just millennial trend especially for Africa, and so, like I said, it seems the orobo appeal is back blazing ke..

I jammed a discussion thread on a BBM lifestyle group recently, the theme of discussion was about size preferences when it comes to “your ideal woman”. To cut a short story shorter, over 80 percent of the men gladly stated their non-delusional preference for the oroboFam. Phrases like, “the bigger the better”, ‘I like them full and curvy”, “the fleshier, the sweeter”, and such likes, ran amok on the thread.

And yeah, the phrases and reasons that sounded quite funny weren’t left out neither, trust Nigerians na…. “I want to be able to hold something”, “I am big down there, and I can’t date someone who can’t take me”, “It’s not African to be thin like broom jare”, “How can I date someone who will be crying instead of moaning when we are doing it, fat girls moan better”….I died reading those. ..


Even some ladies that kept singing “I’m big and beautiful” fuelled the ayes in the discuss well well; but, there I was, reading the comments stunningly …because I believed I knew many lengths most ladies go in the onerous quest to proudly use the hashtag “fitfam”.

I took all these as a mere claim of a select few, not until today when while talking to a Pharmacist friend, she expressed her surprise in the recent surge in the sale of particular ‘super multivitamin’ that some ladies believes make them bigger within weeks. …

Then, I went like. ..”shuuu, what is happening it farewell to fitfam already?”….Loool

We both laughed ‘immensaly’ albeit ‘inconclusive’….Dear, reader, tell me something, are we back in the Orobokibo era?

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