Kelly, you sef sorry na! Nigerians on Facebook reacts to viral video of weeping girl begging for lover’s forgiveness


You people should come and see o, no be small cry the geh dey cry! A young lady has taken to Facebook to beg anybody who knows her man Kelly to forgive her and lift the contact embargo he seems to have placed on her:

It’s a sign of the times that the young lady took to social media with her tears and catarrh as opposed to talking to his friends or (depending on the age) parents, but what’s more interesting are the comments from Facebook:

Kai, I swear Nigerians are chill-deficient!  😆 Lady comes online complete with hairnet and you guys are just lambasting her. This thing you people are doing, ees eet good?? 😆 😆

Remember o, that you people once loved wholeheartedly without reservation, before Brazilian and Blackberry Bold hardened your heart and spoilt market for Cupid.

Before ukwu and FitFam came to confuse our men and spoil market for girls, there were love letters starting with “I hope this letter meets you in a fabulous state of metabolism, if so doxology.”

It’s okay to love insanely, unreasonably and without thought to outer dignity. Matter of fact, I highly recommend everyone goes through it at least once. Just make sure you do it in your youth so that you don’t one day sign over the deeds to your house to Kelly. Kelly is a gobshite if this tearful message doesn’t melt his heart jo.

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