Ladies you are not an item to be bought and returned!


Personal independence

I’m a Nigerian woman.
I stopped living in my parents’ home at about the age of 20.
I’ve been financially independent since 2013, I was in my mid 20s at the time.
I work my ass off to pay my bills, which includes all my expenses.
No human born of another human can look me in the face and say “I will send you back to your father’s house”. Such sentence is an insult, and such insult does NOT apply to me.
There are many young Nigerian women like me.
If as a woman, a man can still look you in the face and say such nonsense to you, it means you are in a position where he can actually send you back to your father’s house.
Dear young women,
Aspire to put yourselves in positions where you won’t get petty insults from anyone at all.
If you are financially and psychologically independent, no one would tell you that they want to return you.
You are NOT a piece of item that a buyer buys and returns to the seller in the shop where it was purchased, and when it’s not serving it’s purpose. You are a full grown adult human, and that’s a huge responsibility. Live up to it!

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