Marriage Is Not An Achievement; Ladies, Find A Purpose Instead


The day Nigerian ladies will come to the knowledge that marriage is not an achievement, they will stop sowing seeds for husbands.

I see such seed sowing as methods used by ‘Thiefstors’ to defraud gullible ladies. You could use those monies to add more value to your life and even those around you.

Stop chasing after the wind. I can’t imagine God forcing me to marry some lady because of her seeds. It is a violation of my free will. No matter how God speaks it, if I don’t like what I see, am out.

If all those seed sowing and “I must wear my wedding gown” stunts are real we would have been hearing testimonies. If a person is hungry, do you have to beg them to eat a well prepared meal from you? Hell no. If you know your worth, that marriage does not increase your value, you won’t have to sow seeds to get a husband. It is a Man that the scripture says cannot be alone. A Woman is a gift to Man. Why should you add another gift to yourself in order to be accepted by a Man?

I think those churches that ask single ladies to come out for prayers are making public ridicule of these ladies. They make them prey to ravenous guys in their congregation by creating the desperation awareness. That is why most of them ladies end up sponsoring their said marriages. There is nothing wrong with a couple contributing mutually to their wedding but there is everything wrong with a woman sponsoring a wedding single-handedly just to be conferred with the MRS certificate. That is starting up a union on the wrong pedestal. We have a lot of these cases and usually they don’t end well for the women. In the event that something goes wrong as these things tend to do, the ladies are usually left with high financial losses. These are monies that could have been invested rightly.

You got the ring. Now what?

This post does not frown at a lady assisting a man. Some ladies are privileged to be more financially equipped than their male partners. If you have a man that truly loves you and is ambitious, it is perfectly okay for you to assist him because you are building a future together. Don’t buy a man with your hard earned money; you will regret it.

Get a PURPOSE and pursue it. Be lost in something meaningful. Forget men and the right one will come. Instead of sowing that seed for a man, go and donate money to orphanages, prisons, beggars etc.

If you sow a seed to get a man, you will keep sowing to keep him.

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