Do not let your penis lead you


wisdom for self control

Dear men, do not let your penis lead you. It has no mind of its own and thus cannot reason, plan or consider future repercussions. All it can do is get aroused and do whatever you use it for.
Letting it lead you is not wisdom as it cannot tell the difference between good and evil, a woman meant for you and one meant for (courting, betrothed or married to) another. All it wants is sexual relief and if you refuse to take responsibility for it and exercise control, you’ll without doubt do something stupid.
It doesn’t care about the age of a person or if they are even evil and destructive. All it can do is be used for sex. Nothing more. It doesn’t pray or meditate and you cannot reason with it to wait, be patient and considerate.
You’re the one with the brain. Use it.

Choose wisely.
Whether you are single, dating, engaged or married, the same still applies. Use your head.
Some have lost theirs and their lives for being led by their sexual desires. Don’t make the same mistake.
“A man without rule over his spirit is like a city broken down and without walls.”
– Proverbs 25:28

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