Are we really going to treat Osinbajo’s daughter’s marriage like yet another religious tussle?


Nigerians, una own always dey too much. Evidence abounds that Kiki Osinbajo is not getting married to Muslim.

We may not like Osinbajo’s complicit role in Nigeria’s current mess. In fact, nobody is still seeing a messiah in Aso Rock. We all know that Osinbajo, for all of his valiant efforts, may just be another stooge in government.

Does this mean his daughter cannot marry in peace? Hol’ up! Let’s give ourselves some brain and human compassion o!

There have been rumours that insinuate Osinbajo’s betrothal to Oluseun Bakare defies the Christian faith. Nigerians ooo! Una too dey circulate yeye information.

In the first place, how has a person’s marriage choice become your business?

Nigerians were not this concerned as when she recently launched her store called Glam’d Africa. This is a brand which is also a business hub and major part of her work as a fashionista.

So she finds love with an alleged Muslim.

To think that many of these pained elements are just on a vendetta. Yes, RCCG has a biblical policy against religious inter-marriages. Were you forced to not make your choice?

It hurts so much that the V.P’s daughter made her choice. Why can’t we all see that as a lesson? Choose your partner; don’t leave the church to do that for you.

Other sources have also refuted the claims. It seems Oluseun is both a Christian and worker within the RCCG. His only offense is that he has a Muslim family.

Put aside your sentiments and see this as exactly what it is – a love union. We must, as a people, realise that there is a difference between politics and personal lives. Let Osinbajo as the Vice President be a different matter from his daughter’s love choice.

This should also be a lesson in religious adherence. The sooner Nigerians serve God for themselves, the better. Many religious Nigerians are affiliated only for political reasons or by duress anyway.

Stop measuring your life based on your pastor’s choices. This is why we maintain that people should question their leaders. After all, we all won’t stand the same judgement. All to his own ni ooo.

Just make sure that as you peddle unfounded information, maybe try and focus on the things that matter. Kiki is not just all about being V.P’s daughter. Neither is she just another housewife.
Kiki empowers young women in the beauty field.  She organises free trainings and gives out working spaces on a freelance basis. Glam’d Africa is deeply interested in local Nigerian brands; it supports and promotes the Buy Nigerian initiative for a stronger and reliable economy.

You can support her wedding (if you so desire) by talking about things that matter to her future.

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