The subtle abuse called “Testing Love”


There is a funny thing that people do and they always think they are right about it. I used to be victim to this subtle abuse until my mind revealed to me that it was wrong. It’s called “Testing Love”

Somebody comes to you professing love and the next thing, you start treating them shabbily in your bid to test if their love is real. Who taught you that?
You have been getting along with somebody, but the moment he/she starts professing love, you would change your attitude towards them, because you want to prove if they love you. in your mind you believe that abusing them psychologically, emotionally and even verbally is a sure way to test the credibility of their love. This is totally wrong. What happened to being your real self and allowing them present what they have on your emotional table?

She is “testing” his love.

This has been an ancient practice of securing your emotions but it doesn’t work. A person that is not real, is not real. A man/woman might fail this your test, but it doesn’t mean that he/she is not real. Reasonable people dont start up a relationship on a pedestal of abuse. I personally won’t do that.

If I profess love to you and you start treating me like shit, I will walk out. it is insane. A relationship thrives on mutualism. If you don’t want somebody, tell him/her to go. Don’t accept somebody and start messing with his/her emotions.  Some girls would even start making heavy financial demands on the man saying “If he truly loves me he would rob a bank and bring me that money”   Like seriously?! Because of your love? Who did your love help last year?

You dare put people through fire for them to prove love; so what happens after? you would give them a certificate for winning your love? Who told you that love is when you are loving someone who is treating you like shit. That is no love. It is abuse. So many people who claim to be in love are actually in abuse because they can’t differentiate one from the other. I personally don’t know how to endure abuse. if I give you love and you reciprocate with abuse, I will quietly walk out. I love myself that much. After all, Jesus already died to prove love, why should I die too?

A relationship that starts-up in that manner, is bound to have much drama, mind games and lots of reverse psychology. Two people should go into a relationship because they want to be together. Nobody should abuse the other psychologically just to prove anything, because even the best relationship does not have guarantee. it can end any moment.

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