Testing his Husband Material


Husband Material

So, I met this guy in my final year at Uni. He was cute, intelligent and he managed to tick all the boxes.

After dating him for a while, I realized that he has good husband material in terms of his other room activities.

But then, I had to put him through the almighty inlaw TEST. So I took him to see all my family members, one after the other.

When I took him to go see my sister, he didn’t wake up early enough to wash my sister’s car. My sister now had to drive an unwashed car to work. Can you imagine the concurbility?! 

I took him to go see my uncle, and he didn’t clean my uncle’s work shoe before 6am. My uncle was very disappointed, he called me and said “Nkechi my daughter, if you decide to get married to that man, I won’t come to your wedding, and I will “dis-niece” you”. 

The one that pained me most is his “longer throat”. I took this guy to go and see my parents o, and the cook served him with seven items in total; 2 pieces of beef, a piece of turkey, half a cut of large snail, a piece of lamb kidney, head of catfish, and an above average sized chicken lap.

Just wait for the shocker….

He finished everything. I mean every damn thing on his plate.

It was so disappointing to watch this man shamelessly embarrass me in presence of my parents.

Like how the hell did it not occur to him that he was meant to pick the mushrooms and leave the rest of the items in the soup?

He made me the laughing talk of the whole town. You know… “that woman whose boyfriend is a glutton”. This experience was indeed very heartbreaking, but I managed to survive it.

I had to break it up. He failed the husband material test at all points. I can’t marry such a man into my house.

Dear ladies,
Do not marry a man that eats all the meats in his food. Put him to test before marriage, they always show their true colours.

Putting him to the meat test is something that you must do before marriage.

Dear men,
You can’t just eat all the pieces of meat and fish in your food. When you get served with more than one, it’s a test, don’t fall for it.

No matter how educated you are, how good you are in the other room activities, and how much money you have got, if you can’t be humble enough to eat just one piece of meat, then my dear, you will remain a bachelor.

Research and several studies have shown that men who eat all the pieces of meat in their foods are most likely to spend more days in their parents’ home. Because apparently, no wise woman will marry such.

Even the Bible says WISDOM is profitable.

There’s nothing wise or “husband materialish” about eating like a glutton. Can’t you fast? 

I hope God gives you all wisdom.

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