Tomato haff cost! 10 Nigerian dishes that don’t require the red gold


Tomato haff cost. I’ve been saying it since. Charles Uzor, one of our writers, said one caterer used her destiny, her birthright and three of her relatives to collect one basket of tomatoes. Okay, fine. That may or may not have happened, but the point still remains that suya man no dey give anybody tomato again and tomato, e haff cost.

The reflex reaction to this news is, of course, panic. Just look at how many stories we’ve written on the issue and we’re based in the UK! We’re like “So what will people now come and eat na? Shuo!”

What has happened though, is that the shortage has made us re-evaluate our taste buds and remember sauces and soups that are the bomb jiggy and don’t even require tomatoes! So here it is: Our list of stews, soups and meals that do not require tomatoes. Enjoy!

Because what is life without rice?

Okay, we know jollof rice is bae, and nobody does it quite like we do, but in these times of austerity, check out these equally lush versions of rice:

1. Banga Rice by Nigeria Lazy Chef. Recipe here >>


2. Nigerian Fried Rice by Sisi Jemimah. Recipe here>>


3. Coconut Rice by All Nigerian Recipes. Recipe here>>


4. Ayamase – Ofada Stew by Sisi Jemimah. Recipe here>>


5. Nigerian Carrot Stew by Afrolems Food Blog. Recipe here>>


Swallow is king!

If you ain’t swallowing, you ain’t eating – this is in the Bible somewhere, I’m sure of it. For those who love their eba, semo, amala or starch, the tomato scarcity won’t even affect you at all because there are so many soups that do not require a shred of tomatoes:


6. Ila Alasepo Soup by 9jafood. Recipe here>>


7. Egusi soup of laive by Sisi Jemimah. Recipe here>>


8. Banga soup; the Delta way, the only way by Dooney’s Kitchen. Recipe here>>


9. Itsekiri Epuru, Urhobo Ukodo aka Yam and Pepper Soup by Sisi Yemmie Food Blog. Recipe here>>


10. Afang Soup by Spice Baby. Recipe here>>


Special thanks to all our Nigerian chefs who are cataloguing our foods for posterity. How else would we know how to cook afang and a host of delicacies? Long live the internet! Long live Nigeria! Long live grubbis!

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