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Yesterday, I had a brief chat with someone in a group about waiting for love. I decided to put out something today that I think may be helpful and further explain that concept of waiting because these terminologies can easily be misread and after application, cause problems. When I said wait for love, I did not mean sit in a corner of your house (if you are a female), looking longingly through your window and sighing as any good looking man passes and does not stop at your doorway. Plix that is not how to wait for love. That is how to be idle.

If you are a man, I did not mean, sitting down at the office, in traffic or anywhere else waiting to see “her” walk by and then one gen gen tin happens inside you and you just know. See ehn, this ‘Adam saw Eve and knew it was her’ thing is getting out of hand.

For one thing you are NOT Adam so while God can tell you that way, it does not mean he will and it does not mean you should be sleeping (literally or figuratively) and then when you wake up, presto! Instant babe. My brothers and I termed such things, “instantanium” when we were younger.

That is not how to wait for love.

I heard a few years ago that waiting is not just about sitting down and passing time. That can be idleness, being sick, broke, angry or even drunk. Anyone in any of those situations knows how to wait na. So something has to differentiate “waiting” from what just anyone in any other situation can do.

Don’t just wait for a love worth having. Work on a love worth giving

I was told it is about attitude, words and action. So while for example, a man may say he is waiting for his time to come at the office when he is promoted, he will yet go around griping, abusing and fighting people there and cussing his boss. He is not waiting. He is preparing his way for his sack letter. LOL!

I hope you get me here? When I said wait for love, I clearly outlined how it is not to be borne of deceit, hurry, fears and worries, shame and what else have you. It is to come from the depth of your heart, having considered it, prayed and been sure that this is what you should be doing at that particular time and with that particular person. But waiting for it means, taking the time to be patient for it to happen. In the mean time, your attitude matters a lot. The things you are doing also matter. If you are idle, all you will do, is what I described in the beginning and be there saying you are waiting but rather, you are wasting! WASTING AWAY!!!

If you are waiting for love, it means you are preparing for it. It means you are taking the time to grow up and be wiser and stronger so that when love finds you, you are not only ready in mind and spirit but also you will be able to recognize it. NOW Adam’s example makes sense, you see. The man was not idly sitting around doing nothing with his life. He was working in the garden and when it was time, he got himself a hot babe that could make moi moi with leaves. NB. That’s where all these Naija babes got the idea. That age old recipe has been handed down for generations 😆

Many people (in my opinion, mostly ladies fall into this category) have this idea that love coming is about them being loved, pampered, proposed to, taken out, treated to gifts and all that. Oh yes, it can and should happen if they love you but guess what, are YOU not also to play a role? Are you not also to be someone that will do the same for the other person? Is it all about you and what you can get an experience? You are meant to be building yourself up so that he or she will come along and meet a man/woman of substance who knows how to treat a lover and friend right. Someone who is not driven by selfishness, emotion, anger and or pride. Someone who listens. Someone who gives and sacrifices. Build yourself up and eagerly await your gift from God.

THAT is what is means to wait.

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