When you want to buy condoms discreetly but the devil wont let you

Laugh out Loud

Laugh out Loud

It’s like you have to bump into someone who knows you quite well whenever you are buying condoms. Someone way older than you, whom you respect. Inexplicably, this person will be the customer standing next to you at the cashier in a chemist while you’re standing there shyly holding a packet of condoms, lube and Postinor-2. And Lucozade.

Even if you are in a small supermarket in a remote, unknown place in the Middle East, they will miraculously be there behind you in a queue at the cashier, and they will see those condoms in that your shopping basket. And the shaving razor. And that small packet of Mega Shark Power Libido Booster With Vita XXX For All Night Long pills.

These things are arranged by Satan.

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