“Woman is not a slave” – watch this man give us Equal Rights 101


While Gossip Mill Nigeria were doing their very best slut-shaming attempt with Omawumi (which backfired gloriously, thank Christ), Pulse Nigeria put out an interview with a random bystander that schooled us one time on how equal rights can work in a home. Wallahi, this unassuming-looking guy made our hearts swell with pride and give us hope in Nigeria.

You’ve all seen the short Pulse Nigeria videos, right? The host takes to the streets and asks the passers by of Lagos and other big cities some questions. Some of them are silly like spelling quizzes, others are more in-depth.

Well, Pulse asked some guy about domestic chores: going to the market and kitchen activities – whose responsibility should this be? 

The man started to answer like a typical traditionalist, starting with “It was meant for woman.” I dunno when Jesus sat in heaven and drew up list of chores, but okay.

Before this guy could land very well, here comes our hero with “It is NOT meant for woman!”


Look at our boo thang schooling them! You better point that finger and LET THEM KNOW!!!

The original interviewee tried to reclaim the question, but our main niggi was not letting it go at all. He commandeered that interview and explained that sometimes his wife is not able to or does not have the time to cook or clean and he does it.

It doesn’t take from his position as the head of the home and it is work that he is doing for his family. We are over here like:


Look, it couldn’t be clearer or simpler than this. All we can say is, to the wife of this guy – he did you so so proud in this video. We recommend at least a month of some of that “good good”. He’s a keeper!

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  1. We’ve always shared the chores at home and it’s not taken anything away from him as da man. Now that the kids are grown, the attitude bus that it is a family and everyone in it participates in housework.

    First you cook because you want to eat. So any one of us just cooks. On Sundays my eldest child gets up first, mostly to watch match of the day, to make breakfast for the family. He is still thanking me for teaching him how to cook as it became useful for him in uni.

    Secondly, you clean because it’s hygienic. How can a man (or anyone) sit in a pile of dirt, waiting for a woman to be ready to clean? How dirty is that?

    Just the other Saturday, I set about doing what I call “the mummy clean”, where I was going to clean every nook and cranny till it shone. My husband decided to load the washing machine, while my daughter took it upon herself to empty the bins and clean the oven.

    Why are some men so entitled?

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