Women, it’s time to hold us men to higher standards


When I say women need to hold men to higher standards, the men folk like to come for me. But here’s why. See ehn, I read something a few days ago from a friend’s Facebook wall. It was an article written by an anonymous person and listed the things women need to do to keep their men from strange women. Among them included

1) Sexing him well so that he’ll leave his side chicks alone.
2) Following him to the gate and affirming him so that he will leave his side chicks alone.
3) Finding out what he likes and doing them so that he will abandon his side chicks.

Now, please note that I am one of those who believes in romance in marriage and that a union is supposed to be one where both parties are doing all they can to please their partners. Surprises, gifts, affirmations, loving compromises. The whole nine yards. I’m all for it.

But here is the issue I have with the writing: why is it the responsibility of the woman to “keep” her man? Does he not have anything to do? Or is he simply some flower on two legs that has no brain but simply responds to stimuli?

See ehn, I’m not married o, but common sense tells me that this mindset where the responsibility for the success and failure of the marriage lies only on the woman while the man is regarded as a “baby” is one that will only continue to breed failure.

Just how much can a woman do to “keep” a man who is taking no responsibility for himself? If the woman “steps up her game” in order to make her man stop straying and stay at home, what stops the side chick from stepping up her game too?

For example, if I were a side chick (haters will say I will be an ugly one now o) and I noticed that the man I have “snagged” is being “reclaimed” by Wifey and I find out that it is because Wifey has started serving him boiled chicken on the weekend and watching Chelsea matches with him, what stops me from preparing him roasted turkey, adorning myself only with a Chelsea jersey and a thong and promising him a Lap dance if Chelsea wins to celebrate and a you-will-see-your-brain-Blowjob if Chelsea loses to comfort him? I think your guess is as good as mine that they will be a mighty tug of war going on

For his mind he thinks he is a hard guy. For their mind they think they are doing something sensible

In my opinion, this shouldn’t be. I think it’s high time we men are called to higher standards; made to take responsibility for our genitals instead of asking the women to manage it for us. I think it is also high time that women stop settling for men who see themselves as money making “babies” and insist on those who have self control, know what they want and are committed to their lady and family

A relationship/ marriage is a partnership. Two people doing their most to make things work and not a one woman bearing man on her shoulders not to talk of kids show

Na my 2 kobo be dat.

I shut up now.

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