4 Pictures That Show The Sad Life Of A Naija Girl In The Friend Zone


Being in the Friend Zone is tough sturvz. A lot of Naija guys know this pain very well. That girl you adore and you think is the absolute best thing since Ewa Aganyin sees you simply as her “pal”, “buddy”, “ore” “friend” but you know what? The zone is not a single sex place but is actually populated by many a (suffering) Naija girl and for them it is just as tough (maybe even more so). With that said we are Viva Naija and here are 4 pictures that show the sad life of a Naija girl in the Friend Zone


Chai! It can pain!


What is this yamayama?


Call the undertaker o!



So that’s our list. Did we miss any out? Do you have any other pictures that show the sad life of a Naija Girl in the Friend Zone? Post it in the comments below.  We are Viva Naija and we love you


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